Not a 1-Percenter? Here’s How to Do Coachella on a Budget

April 13, 2016 - garden totes

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OK, so we blew your taxation reinstate on a sheet to Coachella. How do we make these a best 3 days of your life while on a budget?

It’s not easy. Last year, author Marc Ballon asked a garland of people how a ruin they afforded Coachella. Most estimated they would spend during slightest $1,000, and that was on a low end. They’d also been formulation a splurge for months in advance, sophistry mixed jobs and squirreling divided a integrate hundred here and there.

But oops, we forgot to do all that. Now we have a sheet yet no thought how you’re gonna get there, where you’re gonna stay or even what you’re gonna eat.

Because we trust no one should be punished for vital on a humour and creation last-minute plans, we collected a best tips into a beam to “Coachella on a Cheap” yet looking like too many of a cheapskate.

You’re on your possess for drugs.

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1. Shop during tangible preservation shops.
Yes, it’s reticent to emporium privately for Coachella, yet hey, you’re substantially gonna do it. Just don’t spend $200 during a “vintage” boutique in Silver Lake for a ’fit that’s going to demeanour absurd everywhere solely a Polo Field or a Stevie Nicks dress party. Instead, expostulate out to a Goodwill in a Valley, where a high-waisted, acid-washed, cut-off brief shorts, feather-and-fringe stand tops, bluish and leather bolo ties and beaten-up booties indeed ring adult underneath 20 bucks apiece. Bonus: You won’t flip out when a weird swell or dirt charge hull your $150 white edging nightgown (that you’re wearing as a dress).

Another option: Dude, Nordstrom Rack. I’ve scored $70 Diane von Furstenbergs during a one opposite from a Beverly Center, yet skip a hang dresses and beeline to a Free People section. There are always during slightest dual full racks of crocheted triangle tops, gossamer farmer blouses and multitiered, festooned maxi dresses. Walk in an executive assistant, travel out a flower child.

2. Stock adult during Ralph’s.
No, we can’t move a mangle container into a festival. They wish we to have a four-course “Dinner in a Rose Garden” for a small $225 per chairman (for that kinda cash, a date with Michael Voltaggio should be included). So before we leave town, go to Ralph’s. Buy granola bars, apples, dusty fruit, beef jerky, Twix bars — tote-able food we can hang in your fanny pack, eat right before we travel in and save yourself a cost of lunch. Also, abandon dropping $20 or some-more on H2O (seriously, kids, stay hydrated!) by bringing your possess (empty) nonmetal H2O bottle and stuffing it adult during a filtered-water stations.

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3. Take a train. (Or even a bus.)
Driving to Coachella is a good approach to start off a weekend in a shitty mood. Unless we get propitious or set out on Friday, you’re expected to spend many of your expostulate feeling like you’re already in a parking lot. Plus, while gas prices have dipped, you’ll still dump about $60 to $80 on a round-trip fill-up.

Instead, book a business-class chair on Amtrak for $58 to $62 turn trip. Uber (or coax a crony into dropping we off, we lil’ hustler) to Union Station, moment open that bottle of rosé — no one has to be a designated driver! — and arrive dual and a half hours later.

There are mixed departures on Thursday from L.A. to Palm Springs and one to Indio; on Monday, a Indio depart is sole out yet there are still seats accessible from Palm Springs. Go forward and stay adult all night Sunday. You can nap on a approach home.

Another option: If a GNR reunion has we feeling generally nostalgic, take a Greyhound and fake you’re Axl in a “Welcome to a Jungle” video. There are a ton of departures and earnings to/from Indio on Thursday and Monday; a expostulate time is a small underneath 3 hours any approach and a round-trip cost is $51, including taxes.

4. Camp. Yes, even if we have never camped.
If we were anticipating to seize a lovable small Airbnb for $85 per night, ha! Lodging is what gobbles adult many of your income on any trip, and with a appearance of Airbnb, Coachella has turn a second Christmas for residents of a Coachella Valley. A discerning hunt on Airbnb incited adult an normal cost of $277 per night for a common room, and really few of those common bedrooms remain, anyway (there is a one-bedroom casita still accessible for $1,650 a night, owned by a full-time law coercion officer who mentions he’s a full-time law coercion officer — twice).

Beats profitable by a nose for a rough Airbnb.EXPAND

Your best gamble for a inexpensive bed, then, is a tent. Only a few mins from a festival, Indian Waters RV Resort is where you’ll find that $85-per-night rate. Plus they offer convey use all 3 days for reduction than $100, saltwater swimming pools and nominal coffee and giveaway continental breakfast Friday by Sunday. They usually accept phone reservations, though, so call them. Now.

Other options:
If we wish to try and pile-up your more, ah, obliged friends’ hotel rooms, come temperament booze. Many bottles.

5. Use a shuttle.
After a prolonged day during Coachella, your callouses from those cold cowboy boots we didn’t mangle in are smarting, and chill bumps are replacing rivulets of sweat. The final thing we wish to do is wait for a ride. After all, we have parties to crash! The enticement to sequence an Uber will be strong. Overcome it. Uber swell pricing will be in outcome for all 72 hours of Coachella and a dude picking we adult won’t be means to find we among a cold cowboy boot–wearing hordes and will only finish adult canceling, anyway. Besides, we already paid for that convey pass, right? (When we click that link, corkscrew down; they’re $60 a cocktail and still accessible final we checked.)

Have fun, we inexpensive bastards!

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