Next HPP Wipes Out Nearly 20% Of Customer Tolling Costs For HPP Services

October 12, 2017 - garden totes

Auto Basket Loading to HPP Machine

Simply put, tollers maximize their through-put and profitability, while business get a many rival per lb. ringing rate available.

“Next HPP’s prophesy and believe with honour to HPP is forlorn in a industry. Their immeasurable knowledge in operative with both tollers and business of tollers gives Next HPP a singular bargain of a synergies that exist between a two. Simply put, tollers maximize their through-put and profitability, while business get a many rival per lb. ringing rate available.” John Latella, former CEO Garden Fresh Gourmet.

Companies that do not possess their possess HPP machines will use a 3rd celebration ringing association to pasteurize their product. Standard use is to bucket product off a prolongation line into a reusable cosmetic enclosure (RPC), card box , or vast Gaylord container. Product is afterwards shipped to a 3rd celebration ringing company. The ringing association will unpack a product from a RPC, card box, or vast Gaylord container, and put a product into baskets/totes for estimate in a HPP Machine. Once a product is pasteurized, it is possibly put behind in a RPC, card box, Gaylord, or sent downstream to be packaged for final distribution.

Next HPP eliminates all a double handling by carrying a baskets/totes installed directly off a prolongation line. The baskets/totes are afterwards installed on a pallet and shipped to a 3rd Party ringing company. At a 3rd celebration ringing company, a baskets can be directly placed in a HPP appurtenance for pasteurization. Once finished a baskets can possibly be put behind on a pallet and sent behind to a patron or emptied for post container off distribution. Empty baskets/totes can afterwards be sent behind to a patron to repeat a process.

Keith Schall, Director of Technology Solutions during CHEP, observed, “The government of reusable ride equipment (such as containers, pallets or RPC’s), is mostly an afterthought or rarely primer routine that can emanate operational inefficiencies and peculiarity concerns, ensuing in additional losses or CAPEX purchases. Proactively doing a swift of reusable resources by exception-based dashboards or KPI’s can all though discharge these costs by providing stakeholders with timely and actionable data.”


NEXT HPP entered a High Pressure Processing Industry after several years of doing and consulting for food estimate companies who owned HPP machines. Next HPP has worked with several of a manufacturers of HPP machines in a accumulation of capacities. It is a knowledge gained in these opposite roles that supposing a horizon for a Next Generation array of machines and element doing solution. However it is a singular and opposite credentials of a whole group during Next HPP that brought to a forefront a appurtenance that utilizes best practices from many opposite industries.


All Natural Freshness has turn a Sales, Marketing, and Education apparatus concerning All Things Related to HPP.


CHEP was founded some-more than 60 years ago. Since then, we’ve helped some-more companies pierce some-more goods, to some-more places, some-more well and some-more sustainably than anyone else in a world.

We are a association of supply sequence experts and engineers, and we’ve been in literally tens of thousands of supply chains. Bringing that unmatched knowledge to bear we’ve combined a apartment of pragmatic, actionable and affordable solutions that can make your supply sequence quantifiably better. No one has some-more solutions to assistance we pierce things in, out and by your supply chain.

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