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January 29, 2017 - garden totes

Summer Briggs has always had a gusto for branch rejected equipment into arrangement pieces. She turns flare bases into finish tables and fashions potting benches from rejected pieces of wood.

Old medical dictionaries, leftover buttons, rejected staplers, damaged doorway handles — anything aged and headed for a rabble finds a new goal in Briggs’ hands.

For 4 years, her handiwork was showcased during her downtown Tacoma settlement and selected store Millesime Designs, though she took a road and motionless to tighten that store and open something some-more appealing to today’s craft-it-yourselfers.

Her new store, Urban Squirrel, still carries some of her handiwork — be certain to check out her collection of coasters carrying caricatures from Tacoma’s aged Never Never Land and ready-to-take-home seat — though she’s clinging a good partial of her store to those in hunt of pieces to emanate their possess selected furniture, taste and heterogeneous finds.

“Millesime Designs was about what we were making. They were finished projects. Urban Squirrel is about giving we a reserve we need to emanate a project. It’s an interest-inspired store. We’re full of those pieces and tools for people to settlement their possess projects,” pronounced Briggs, who operates a store with father Daniel.

The store is located only one doorway divided from where Millesime Designs operated. Find Urban Squirrel during 747 Broadway. They named their store after their robe of “squirreling” divided things for inspiration.

You also can find Briggs during a Tacoma Home and Garden Show, Jan. 26-29 during a Tacoma Dome. As she has in a past, she’ll share a counter with Tacoma’s Urban Gardener, a gardening store, in a territory of a home uncover called Vintage Market. The marketplace will horde about a dozen vendors offered selected equipment for a home and garden.

Inspiration takes adult utterly a cube of Briggs’ 1,300 block feet store (that space is some-more than double a distance of her final one). A territory is filled with open-back settlement frames, that Briggs considers one of her favorite settlement prompts. “They can spin valuables organizers. You can supplement knobs and spin them into anything. Frames are unequivocally affordable and we have ones that we can’t find during a common qualification store. We find them during estate sales, junk sales and garage sales.”

“We have a unequivocally vast preference of chair legs and list legs. You can build your possess tables with them,” pronounced Briggs. Don’t have time for that? Briggs has processed equipment prepared for purchase. “We finished some reclaimed timber shelves out of a aged legs.”

Interesting pieces of aged timber takes adult one corner. “They’re good for creation tabletops or signs and we don’t have to go to a deliver yard or get unwashed looking for them. We’ve got a good purify territory we can poke around in.”

“People wish to customize and they wish it to be personalized. It’s fun to travel in and collect out something and take it home, though if we unequivocally do wish to personalize it and make it yours, that we consider is where people are going, we wish to give people a reserve and believe to do it themselves and that’s where a trend is going in selling now.”

She bonds an “inspiration corner” with equipment such as marquee letters and square song from a early 1900s. For those wanting a bit some-more petrify direction, she has printed “idea sheets” that tell crafters what they could make with a pieces and tools she bonds in her store.

Her take-and-make bags are as suitable for kids as they are adult designers. “I’ve got one now that is blue jean triangles and aged twine. You can make a personalized streamer with it for your house. It’s unequivocally easy, that one can be finished quickly,” pronounced Briggs.

When she attends a Home and Garden Show’s Vintage Market, she’ll receptacle along many of a equipment described above, though also has garden equipment she’s been operative on.

“We’ve got some beautiful selected garden chairs. Some are finished and ready, others are prepared to be finished over. They’re from a 1940s, steel and black.” She finished some over with a mid-century fabric (a neutral settlement in greys and dim browns, with slashes of cream and black).

She’s many vehement about an industrial find, a immature cupboard traditionally used as a apparatus cabinet. “I can see it as a qualification cabinet. It’s ridiculously deep. It’s in a median finished theatre so someone could appreciate how they could use a piece.”

Urban Squirrel

Where: 747 Broadway, Tacoma;

Hours: 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesdays-Sundays.

Appearing: At a Vintage Market in a same counter as Tacoma’s Urban Gardener during a Tacoma Home and Garden Show, Jan. 26-29 during a Tacoma Dome (see concomitant story for details).

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