My Life in Paris: Totes, Crests and… Balls!

August 9, 2018 - garden totes

Le Bon Marché. Photo: François Rejeté

Theadora has a Catherine de’ Medici impulse in a Paris dialect store

Thanks to a span of new patent-leather bluchers with waffled, tri-coloured wedges, blisters are on my mind and my mind is on blisters. we had tumbled for a ignored brogues, desirous by designers Pierre Hardy or Stella McCartney, though now my feet are profitable a price. Distracted by a pain, during initial we skip a question.

“You are a writer?” stylist Cécile repeats in a theatre whisper. The integrate subsequent to me giggle. Rocking head-to-toe Burberry, they’ve comparison a selected camera idol for their cloak of arms. They’re beaming.

“Well, what are my other options?” we ask.

“Pizza enthusiast?”

It’s a stormy Saturday night in a City of Light, and I’m not usually braving a crowds during a Bon Marché, though about to customize a receptacle bag with a personal crest. They can imitation them on a mark and afterwards off we go, new bag in hand.

According to Cécile during a pop-up atelier, a accessible emblems embody – approbation – a pizza, needle pen, book, camera, racing car, handbag, bicycle, beach chair, violin, a Roman Colosseum, or Bon Marché’s possess escalator, designed by Andrée Putman.

The mind squeals.

Icon, therefore we am? No cats? What would Catherine de’ Medici do? Her family design featured balls – large enchanting balls – with a handful of fleurs-de-lis for good measure. But what would tell my story? And how did we concede this existential predicament to happen?

A writer’s life. Photo: Fotolia

Here’s how. Jump behind to a Rose Bakery Tea Room on a second floor. That’s me in a corner, gazing down on a march of parapluies hustling along charity de Sèvres outside. Humming to REM’s piped-in Everybody Hurts, I’m guzzling a can of organic stimulating soda like there’s no tomorrow. As prolonged as I’m hydrated, I’m alive. Then suddenly, I’m weeping.

Saluting my associate diners with my dull soda can, we conduct to a bookshop.

But not before a discerning passage to a shoe dialect because, well, infrequently it pays to take comfort in friends, though other times it’s improved to strech out to shoes. There in a store’s winter garden, underneath a stained-glass ceiling, we accommodate my match, on sale, with shake room.

For once, we don’t hesitate, though pounce on a platforms, plunking down a cosmetic though a exam stroll, vital in a moment. That was when we beheld a sign.

Actually, no, we saw a light after my Princesse Tam-Tam sock-shopping spree. It was buy dual and get 3 for free, so we could frequency enclose my cents, or my good sense. After all, here’s where Hemingway shopped for his conform dudes. My excuse.

Outfitted with new boots and socks, we make a fly-by by a labyrinth.

Sashaying to a book department, we serve a Fates: When my possess book is finally done, we will applaud a launch during a Rose Bakery Tea Room.

My treat, we guarantee them, adding a “please” during a finish of my declaration, in box a Fates are sticklers for etiquette. Then we view a customised totes. Mine will be emblazoned with, not a pizza cake or beach chair, though a needle coop and book badge.

Exiting with my new string defense to broadcast my destiny, we cocktail by a circuitously Grande Épicerie for a bottle of champagne. Facing my fear of a jinx, we suppose. The blisters have duration bid farewell. we could dance. Suddenly, some lady tools a throng with a conflict cry.

“This is crazy! We’ll never get a cab! Get out of a way!” she shouts, fluttering a box of Lucky Charms cereal. Amazingly, a throng obeys and a cab arrives, as if on cue.

I theory it’s true. Only we can put yourself adult in a lights where we go – or during slightest in an Uber.

As Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once wrote, “Well-behaved women occasionally make history.”

Or, as trainer lady Catherine de’ Medici once cried, during some bridgehead or astrological watchtower, “Balls! Balls! Balls!”

From France Today magazine

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