Music festivals: selling dream or nightmare?

September 11, 2015 - garden totes

It’s pivotal to know what a festivals are, and who attends. While mostly geared towards millennials, these days, eventuality organizers are engagement acts that tend to interest to a broader audience, from a rising indie bands to older, determined acts like Elton John and Metallica. This goes over a normal demographic, though as fans of a song they have common values and interests. It’s a perceptive throng that’s detered by in-your-face messaging.

While not indispensably anti-brand, they are pro-authenticity. A code can’t simply buy a approach into a festival and design people to line up, generally in an sourroundings where they are being barraged all day with opposite images, sounds and tastes. Companies that wish to be remembered need to emanate an knowledge that stands out and enhances a delight of a festival fan, either that’s by formulating a gentle loll for sap concertgoers (Jack Daniels, Fat Boy), or places to block in and recharge a dungeon phone (Samsung and Verizon).

Toyota, that will have participation during Voodoo, Nocturnal and Life is Beautiful, is a customer of ours and we worked with a automobile builder on a festival branding. It will have a song tent curated by Spin repository that includes some of a some-more sought-after rising acts and code placements – as good as a few automobile models. It is radically formulating an additional branded stage. It’s partnering with VH1’s “Save a Music” fundraiser and enlivening song fans and musicians to write about what song means to them. For each amicable post regulating a hashtag #toyotagiving, it’s contributing a dollar to a means – enchanting participants and staying in a review outward a festival grounds.

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