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Kapaa High School students Jazlyn Rapozo and Apr Barnes discuss with Jennifer Sandrowski of Bank of Hawaii on Friday during a Career Day for Girls – Inspire, hosted by a Committee on a Status of Women, Kauai during a Courtyard by Marriott during Coconut Beach.


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Models of inspiration

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LIHUE — The summary from 5 women with successful careers to 17 girls from Kapaa and Waimea High School was clear: You can do anything we want. Just trust it and work toward it.

“We’re perplexing to enthuse immature women to dream bigger and have incomparable goals and to comprehend a positively extraordinary disproportion they can make in a world,” pronounced Virginia Beck, one of a organizers of a career day hosted by a Mayor’s Committee on a Status of Women on Kauai onn Friday during a Courtyard Marriott. “There’s so most energy in them yet they’re during a time when they’re feeling so vulnerable.”

The career day row featured Bank of Hawaii investment banker, Jennifer Sandrowski and Pamela Varma Brown, author of Kauai Stories, who spoke to a girls about their journeys of success and offering them recommendation on how they can grasp their dreams.

“The indicate was to enthuse a students to know they can be and do anything they wish to in their lives,” Brown wrote in an email. “One of my personal favorite moments was after a grave talks, one lady asked me if she could tell her possess book even yet she was younger than 20 years old. we was so happy to be means to tell her, ‘Yes, we can self-publish during any age.’ She had a hugest grin on her face.”

The row also featured scientist astronaut, Millie Fulford-Hughes, who has been doing investigate on a function of germ in space, YMCA executive executive Renae Hamilton and keynote orator Dondi Ho Costa, who is an entertainer, dancer and thespian on Kauai.

Students were comparison by their principals.

“Mrs. (Mahina) Anguay, a principal pronounced this eventuality should be an eye-opener,” pronounced Casey Fernandez, a Waimea High School student. “We’re unequivocally vehement to see what happens.”

The attendees were also treated to lunch and perceived present bags filled with a receptacle bag, a trivet, a cover and some candy, including chocolate from Sweet Shop in Kilohana temperament tags reading “You are a Hero of Your possess Story,” and “Princesses don’t need saving, they’re too bustling saving a world.”

Although usually Kapaa and Waimea high schools came to a meeting, a cabinet hopes womanlike students from Kauai’s other high schools will join in a future.

“I wish they find their passions and pursue them,” Brown said. “My wish for all of them, unequivocally for all of us, is that whatever work we find for ourselves, that it doesn’t feel like work, that it feels like fun everyday.”

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