Mob Of Rowdy Mothers Bum-Rush Botanical Garden

May 14, 2017 - garden totes

GLENCOE, IL—Howling in a parking lot hours before a scheduled 8 a.m. opening time, a host of unruly mothers bum-rushed a Chicago Botanic Garden, jarred witnesses reported Sunday. “It was still dim when they showed up, hundreds of them—they were usually throwing their bodies opposite a embankment like animals,” pronounced groundskeeper Walter Morse, adding that when a opening valid too slight for a swell of moms streaming onto a garden grounds, a society simply clawed by circuitously topiary hedges and had within mins swarmed each trail of a tuber garden, with several fistfights reportedly violation out over primary print spots in front of a tulip beds. “We attempted to reason them back, though as shortly as they got that initial sniff of hydrangea, there was no determining them. After a while, we could usually watch and wish a Japanese garden would still be there when a moms finally left for brunch. We suspicion we’d have time to during slightest secure a present emporium since they’d stop there during a finish of their rampage, though by a time we arrived, a doorway had already been kicked down, and each trademark receptacle bag and lavender sachet was possibly left or ripped to pieces.” At press time, a host had mostly dispersed, permitting paramedics to finally collect a mom who had been trampled and lay face-down in a margin of bluebells.

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