Minerva’s horoscope for week of Apr 1

April 1, 2018 - garden totes


Mighty Jupiter cracks eggs (golden ones, of course) in scrappy Scorpio while a full moon beams splendid in poetic Libra. Maybe it’s time to nap with a rivalry (work with someone we don’t caring for in sequence to secure what we unequivocally want.)

(March 21-April 20 ) Power planets round your birthday table. The object totes a basket filled with fitness and charisma, Uranus hints of sparkling changes while Mercury’s bunny bag binds a accumulate of adult toys.

(April 21-May 20) The week looks iffy. Not a best time for a banned duty into McGregor’s garden. Financial hurdles have we on corner only as heavenly pulses titillate we to see and be seen.

(May 21-June 20) Busy as we are, remember what all work and no play did to Jack. Take time out for a fun. Your Easter basket is brimming. Choose carefully.

(June 21-July 22) You wish to widespread your wings — fly a sea in a china plane, see a jungle when it’s soppy with rain. Can we boyant a loan? If not, be prepared to lift a artistic rabbit out of your Easter bonnet.

(July 23-Aug. 22) The object and Uranus shine in your chat- and charm-center. Grab your rodent and make it happen. A click here, a click there. Pick adult on a plan that’s depressed by a wayside. Phone and fax, representation and puff.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 21) If Peter had used a small moxie, his insane duty into Mr. McGregor’s garden would have had a happier ending. Our possess dreams, wishes and ideals are equally challenging. Convince doubters that probity unequivocally is your initial priority.

(Sept. 22-Oct. 20) With a object and Uranus whooping it adult in your partnership residence and Jupiter lighting adult your income house, your Easter basket will enclose a golden egg. Crack it and you’ll accept an planetary zap of ambition, impulse and luck.

(Oct. 21-Nov. 20) The object and Uranus strew astonishing light on your residence of secrets. Many contend option is a improved partial of valor. When lusting after Mr. McGregor’s esteem carrots, be certain to have a Plan B to cover that lovable small tail of yours.

(Nov. 21-Dec. 21) Your possess dreams might dispute with a wishes of someone tighten (like Peter’s lust for carrots lifted McGregor’s ire.) The chastisement for hopping uncontrolled into someone’s garden of conceivable delights has melancholy potential.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 21) Someone — a undoubted Easter Bunny of cuddles and glamour — is tender with your style. That’s all really well, of course, as prolonged as we hippity bound with caution. You know what they contend about rabbits.

(Jan. 22-Feb. 18) A contingent of Energizer bunnies shell by your house. Talk about open cleaning! Canny Mercury reminds that where and how we live creates a matter about you. It’s all about contracts and partnerships.

(Feb. 19-March 20) After shake comes ingenuity, discovery, maybe even genius. (Particularly where sex and income are concerned.) The Big Bunny will never pardon we for not seizing a impulse by relocating in on who or what we want.

Minerva’s mailbag

Q: Hi ,Minerva, perpetually a reader of yours. Born 9/27/51. Looking for newness in adore and easy financial prospects.

A: Professional connectors dawn vast this year. It’s that aged “not what we know though who” thing. Your Lib wordsmithing skills play an fitting part. You’ll find a niche for that you’ve been essay as a year progresses and your Solar Return approaches.

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