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April 3, 2015 - garden totes

Matt Hall is enlivening people to get behind to basics with his Traverse City business Midnight Harvest. The Traverse City internal constructs, installs and maintains lifted garden beds for people who are looking to garden though competence not have a time, a skills, etc. In exchange those business suffer creatively grown veggies though a lot of work on their end.

Midnight Harvest offers options for gardeners of all levels from black thumbs to immature ones as good as consultations, installations and more. MyNorth’s Eliza Foster checked in with Matt about what Midnight Harvest has designed for 2015, how he’s offered a complicated day Victory Garden and more.

What is Midnight Harvest?

Midnight Harvest is my LLC formally, and we construct, install, and contend lifted garden beds (predominately veggies) in peoples’ yards.

Where did this thought come from?

I wanted to uncover and learn people how good home grown food can be. The thought of removing into cultivation came to me a few years behind while we was operative in Grand Rapids for a internal association called “Bistro Bella Vita” whom unequivocally prided themselves on farm-to-table produce. Even in a passed of winter they still source by internal farms rather than large suppliers. It was afterwards we unequivocally had this impulse of “I wish to grow my possess food.” But being a “farmer” was not my initial passion – we wanted to uncover people how to grow their possess food like me. So, we came adult with a business idea to do unfeeling garden installations in sequence to get people vehement about good whole dishes again though a use of any chemicals.

Another impulse came from a feat garden epoch that we found to be an engaging time in history. Victory Gardens we’re started during WWI and continued by WWII and people were planting gardens since – they had to! But a inspirational partial of that is that a supervision was behind them and ancillary a idea of approbation – grow your own.

Who are a people behind Midnight Harvest?

Myself of march though also we am unequivocally advantageous that my girlfriend, Heather Witkop, is my designer. She has a grade from SCAD university in Georgia in industrial pattern and now works for Four Winns in Cadillac as one of their lead vessel designers. So, she has not usually any eye for design, though an tangible grade and pursuit in pattern already! It’s only us two! we hang with a plants, installs and a online (social media) fun stuff!

On your website we speak about a epoch of a Victory Garden. Are we offered “the complicated day Victory Garden?”

In a proceed we could contend it’s a complicated day Victory Garden. We’re fighting most opposite things now here in a USA with food systems with what goes in to a food and on a food. With a conflict of GMO (genetically mutated organism) on a table, chemical focus and of march preservatives in a food we wanted to give people a choice of during slightest experiencing home grown tomatoes, beans, uninformed spices and so on. With a bustling lives who has time to garden? Let alone learn about all a techniques in gardening. With my setup – we make it easy. I wish people to attain and learn and one day turn an sensitive home gardener. These gardens competence not supply people with a estimable volume of food that will equivalent grocery costs or even be a unchanging partial of diets, though it’s a possibility to eat genuine food!

What is “Michigan Grow”?

Michigan Grow is my initiative, brand, “call to action” to hopefully enthuse some-more people to take adult gardening. It is also my “farm-starter” as it’s been called! I wish to buy land and start a makings of a plantation within a year from a income we get behind from my garden installations and Michigan Grow line. We’re going to be unequivocally doing a best to be putting a logo/brand on to applicable equipment and not only anything. We started with shirts that is common though now we’re requesting it to 100% biodegradable planters done from bamboo and we’ve got it on a 100% organic string receptacle bag. One thing we wish companies would consider about it – over “user” or “buyer” and it’s impact on a earth. The planters will biodegrade within 5 years and quicker in a landfill that we consider is overwhelming versus the cosmetic pots people tend to chuck out or discard! The receptacle bag encourages reduction cosmetic and to buy from roadside stands, markets, and co-ops. Michigan Grow is all about starting new gardens so each product we sell, we also give divided seeds anticipating people will start even a smallest garden.

So, we am someone who has checked out your site and we like what we see, what’s a subsequent step?

Well if we were meddlesome in a garden there is a contact form on my website we can fill out that will send an email to me. From there we set adult a conference and time to go over a garden, veggies and installations. If people wish to find me and speak in chairman or buy anything they can revisit a website or right now we am during a farmers’ marketplace in the Mercato in Traverse City every Saturday from 10am-2pm. Just demeanour for my sign!

Do we have to have a yard to be authorised for a home garden? Are there options for those in apartments or condos?

Container gardening is zero new and we wouldn’t contend no to anyone who wanted a home garden even if it is on a patio. Granted there are a lot some-more restrictions to square gardens. I would proceed it as a “custom” garden and not a package so we can tailor it to a environment.

Who’s a assembly for these home gardens? Do we have to have a immature ride for one of these? Are they flattering easy to maintain?

I am anticipating a assembly is everybody one day! we am aiming for everybody who has a enterprise to eat healthy and learn about food. As a enlightenment we are solemnly training that a food is a pivotal to a health and some-more and some-more in a media people seem to be creation that tie of healthy food = healthy life. The days of microwaves, finished and processed and my favorite “enriched” are starting to delayed down. Gardens offer some-more than uninformed food, they’re a chance to get outward and breathe uninformed atmosphere and pierce around by weeding, harvesting and planting.

No immature ride required! The beds come sincerely versed with organic nutrients ideal for a veggies and by pattern easy to maintain! Yes, people will have to H2O and weed them though we will find a collect outweighs a tiny weight of weeding.

What else should people know about Midnight Harvest? 

We are requesting for a “crowd funding” site called “barnraiser” that specializes in assisting farms or new farms with projects. We’ll be rising a debate in Jun to lift some-more supports to start a farm. We’re entertainment all a required sum to put out to a open since it is critical to me that if someone donates only a dollar or one thousand dollars – we do right on a partial and succeed.

The “farm” judgment is to do some-more than only grow furnish and also utilize it as a training environment. We wish to move people to a Midnight Harvest plantation by carrying workshops and seminars all about home gardening during a farm. I also wish we can emanate a place of extended preparation for schools (no matter a age) to enthuse some-more generations about how extraordinary food unequivocally is!  We take it for postulated that someone grew a food – that we rest on – that keeps us healthy and whole and provides us with nutrients.

Learn some-more about Midnight Harvest on their website, follow them on Instagram or like them on Facebook.


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