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October 15, 2014 - garden totes

Lily Walter has built Slip Away Farm on Chappaquiddick from a belligerent adult in 3 years. —Photo by Lily K Morris
Lily Walter has built Slip Away Farm on Chappaquiddick from a belligerent adult in 3 years. —Photo by Lily K Morris

On a new Saturday during Slip Away Farm, Chappaquiddick residents and off-Chappy friends collected during a plantation for a Fall Festival, one of a small island’s singular off-season village events. Boxes of Lily Walter’s delicious, freshly-picked vegetables set a scene, with tables of fermented and furious dishes for tasting, Vineyard Stories’ books, and Wooligans recycled fashions set adult around a crackling fire. Adults as good as children attempted their palm during knocking down a butternut bowling pins with an acorn squish and, blindfolded, taping a genuine root to an suave sketch of a tree tacked to a case of an oak. Three white goats from adjacent Over a Hill Farm attempted to incline for apples. The eventuality was Chappy style, and scale — Chappy timing, too. The rope showed adult for a second hour, carrying roused from bed one of their members who didn’t know about a gig. Passing bicyclists counted themselves propitious to find something of seductiveness function on this island that lacks even a singular store.

The plantation distinguished a third deteriorate charity creatively grown vegetables to Chappy residents. In September, 2012, Slip Away changed their flourishing operation to a fields adjacent a categorical highway opposite from a Chappy Community Center and Brine’s Pond. The initial year a CSA (community upheld agriculture) vegetables were grown during The FARM Institute and delivered by bicycle. This year a farm’s CSA grew to 55 shares (from 47 final year), including a new 20-week option, grown on about 3 acres.

While stability to supplement compost to a fields, they still rest heavily on organic manure out of a bag to heighten a sandy dirt that covers this partial of a island. However, they indeed grew some-more food on reduction land this past summer since of some-more drip-irrigation, and use of a walk-behind roto-tiller, that authorised them to make a rows closer together. Their tractor, that spent a summer watchful for a purchase repair, is now behind during work scheming fields for winter cover crops.

This past summer a plantation mount on a porch of a aged Chappy schoolhouse was open 3 days a week charity Slip Away vegetables as good as a operation of Island-made products, including yogurt from Mermaid Farm in Chilmark, beef from Good Farm and Cleveland Farm, Not Your Sugar Mama’s cookies and chocolates, Vineyard Stories books, Lily K. Morris print cards, and receptacle bags designed by Kendyll Gage-Ripa, who assimilated a plantation group this summer.

—Photo by Lily K Morris
—Photo by Lily K Morris

Christian Walter (Lily’s brother) trucked vegetables adult to a West Tisbury Farmer’s Market, while Collins Heavener (the third member of Slip Away’s originators) delivered to restaurants Port Hunter, Harbor View, and Flatbread.

Financially, a plantation strike a aim this year, and Lily says, “We’re substantially during limit for now, with a labor sources, a land, and what we’re holding on.” But that doesn’t meant there are no skeleton for expansion!

On a arise behind a farmhouse, Lily wants to plant brambles subsequent spring: raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry. She’s also operative on a pattern for a long-lived herb garden that will go into a area behind a plantation mount where a pigs lived this past open and summer. The pigs dug adult a roots and fertilized a belligerent — as good as providing another income source when they became sausage. Lily would like to supplement some-more value-added products like a sausage, and equipment done from a vegetables they grow.

She’d also like to classify some-more Twilight during Slip Away evenings, that were a renouned approach for people to debate a plantation and revisit with their Chappy neighbors final summer. Lily’s mother, Jan Pogue of Vineyard Stories, wants to do some-more book events and cooking demonstrations.

This winter Lily will be in Providence during herb propagandize with Farmacy Herbs. She wants to learn about spices as medicine, for herself and friends for now, and maybe someday grow spices for tea — she’s in a scrutiny theatre now.

For a nearby future, she’ll be withdrawal Chappy, during slightest for an evening, to regulate over a Farm to Table convention during a Port Hunter in Edgartown, as partial of a MV Food and Wine Festival. If we missed Slip Away’s CSA and Twilight evenings, we can get a clarity of what Farm to Table means on Chappy (and to co-presenters Mermaid Farm, Jan Buhrman of Kitchen Porch, Port Hunter’s Jeremy Davis, and a Allen Farm. Info is here:

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