Lily-Bet purse was a Florida phenomenon

August 4, 2018 - garden totes

Dear Helaine and Joe:

My mom purchased this purse many years ago. A tag is stitched on a interior pocket, that reads “Designed by Lily-Bet” and “sold during beach resorts, Filbert Imports of a Palm Beaches.” Does a purse have sufficient value to sell, or should we present it to my niece?

Thank you.

J. S.

Dear J. S.:

In a not-too-distant past, collectors energetically sought out handbags done from such materials as Lucite, and hand-painted beach bags were popular. And right now, when some selected handbags done by Prada, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Burberry, Givenchy, Judith Leiber or Valentino come adult for sale, they can move prices in a hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Lily-Bet handbags are unequivocally a Florida phenomenon. The craving was partial of Filbert Imports of Palm Beach, Fla., and they are suspicion to have purchased plain, undecorated purses from Stylecraft Miami, JR Florida and other unfamiliar and domestic sources.

Lily-Bet took a plain bags and detailed them in a accumulation of methods that enclosed hand-painting and appliques. Some of a bags flashy by a Lily-Bet work force — who have been likened to a china painters of a late 19th and early 20th centuries — were Lucite, some were done from vinyl and some were a multiple of both materials, such as a vinyl physique with a Lucite handle.

The Lily-Bet instance in today’s doubt appears to have a vinyl-covered physique with a brownish-red tortoiseshell Lucite handle. The vinyl purses tended to be white, frosted white or black. Other than box bags like this one, Lily-Bet constructed purchase bags, totes and some that looked like briefcases with handles.

J. S.’s box purse appears to be lined with a madras or maybe paisley-esque element that is suggestive of a late 1950s/early ’60s. The cream/yellow roses with immature leaves are resolutely painted. It’s a arrange of bag a select lady competence have carried while visiting a Florida review on that state’s easterly seashore (the bags were also sole in a review areas of Clearwater and Sarasota on Florida’s west coast).

The inset counterpart merged to a tip of a bag has a handle turn approximate that is both a tad outlandish to compare a lining, and rather attractive. The slot competence once have hold a brush or a face powder compact. Beach bags, as they are infrequently called, have depressed in value rather dramatically in a past decade or so.

At one time a square would have retailed in a $225 to $275 range, though there are now so many of these accessible for sale on a internet and elsewhere that prices have depressed considerably. Right now a operation in value on a bag such as this is in a area of $25 to $75. Negative factors that impact a value are stains, signs of wear and odors that unpleasantly remind a nose of a residence full of felines.


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