Lighthouse Quilters Guild announce winners of annual show

November 7, 2015 - garden totes

STURTEVANT — A coverlet done by Jacky Tomkins of Wind Point was selected by attendees of a Lighthouse Legacies Quilt Show as their favorite.

“Wedding Star — 40 Years,” a vast coverlet pieced by Tomkins and long-arm quilted by Pat Barry, won a Viewers Choice Award.

The 1,000 people who came to a Oct. 17-18 eventuality during Fountain Banquet Hall were any given a list to prove their favorite from some-more than 250 quilts on display.

The same coverlet took a first-place badge in a category of bed quilts.

American Quilt Society approved judges Carol Butzke and Lynne Erbach judged a 250 entries in a show.

Other winners in a uncover sponsored by Racine’s Lighthouse Quilters Guild are:

Best of Show: Donna Derstadt, “Shower of Roses.”

Best Hand Quilted: Donna Hansen and Jacqueline Hansen, “Round a Squares.”

Best Machine Quilted: Christy Schliesmann, “Colore e Forma.”

Best Longarm Quilted: Rita O’Connor, “Spring Has Sprung in Baltimore.”

Judge’s Choice: Judge A: Diana Dunaway, “Abigail’s Dance.”

Judge B: Diana Dunaway, “Let It Be.”

Division A: Bed Quilts

Class 1-Applique/Other Techniques Hand Quilted by Self: Marie Beyer, “Dresden Plates,” third place.

Class 2-Applique/Other Techniques Hand Quilted by Other and Class 3-Applique/Other Techniques Machine Quilted by Self: Donna Derstadt, “Shower of Roses,” initial place; Sue Scheckel, “Sherbet,” second; Joan Ledanski, “Birds Their Feathers,” third; and Debbie Blaustein, “Flowers we Can Grow,” honest mention.

Class 4-Applique/Other Techniques Machine Quilted by Other: Andrea Johnson, “DIY University,” honest mention.

Class 5-Pieced Hand Quilted by Self: Susan James, “Bedford Stained Glass,” initial place.

Class 6-Pieced Hand Quilted by Other and Class 7-Pieced Machine Quilted by Self: Christy Schliesmann, “Colore e Forma,” initial place; Vicki Madsen, “Around a Block,” second; Ellen Ison, “Midnight Log Cabin,” third; and Christine Deering, “Leopord and Old Lace,” and Stevie Breit, “Sammie C,” honest mention.

Class 8-Pieced Machine Quilted by Other: Jacky Tomkins, “Wedding Star — 40 Years,” initial place; Juleen Jaeger, “Daybreak,” second; Chris Tomayko, “Civil War Love Letters,” third; and Carolyn Heckel, “Winter’s Song,” and Patricia Young, “Reproduction Sampler,” honest mention.

Division B: Modern Quilts

Class 9-Pieced Machine/Applique/Other Quilted by Self: Christine Deering, “Pick Up Sticks,” initial place; Vicki Madsen, “Eye of a Storm,” second; Debbie Blaustein, “Urban Dwellings,” third; Meg Fleischmann, “Urban Cabin,” honest mention.

Class 10-Pieced Machine Quilted by Other: Jacky Tomkins, “What’s Your Angle,” initial place; Yvonne Parks, “Friendship Bridges,” second; Beth Norton, “Steve Navigates a Subway,” third; and Jan Bretzel, “Modern Squares,” honest mention.

Division C: Group Quilts

Class 11-Quilts Among Friends: Mary Ludvigsen, “Jewels of a Night,” initial place; TC Wiley, “Garden of Poppies,” second; Donna Hansen, “Round a Squares,” third; and Ruth Rohlfing, “Winter Friends,” honest mention.

Division D: Lap Quilts

Class 12-Applique or Pieced Quilted by Self: Linda Schubert, “Spools,” initial place; Diana Dunaway, “In and Out, Round About,” second; Dianne Benefiel, “Whirlygigs,” third; and Mary Wolter, “Baltimore Album — Santa,” honest mention.

Class 13-Applique or Pieced Quilted by Other: Barb Van Ruden, “Looking Back,” initial place; Patricia Young, “Pieces of Wisconsin,” second; Marie Raymond, “Constantine’s Puzzle,” third; and Diana Dunaway, “Road to Camp Randall,” and Kathy Simon, “Ida’s Bed Bouquet,” honest mention.

Division E: Wall Hangings

Class 14-Applique/Other Techniques Quilted by Self: Christy Schliesmann, “The Seven Sisters Return,” initial place; Debbie Blaustein, “Sophie’s Garden,” second; Mary Clare Schuller, “Courtesans On Promenade,” third; and Mary Wolter, “Winter Birds,” and Rosie LaMantia, “Techniques,” honest mention.

Class 15-Applique/Other Techniques Quilted by Other: Rita O’Connor, “Spring Has Sprung in Baltimore,” initial place; Jayne Steffens, “Folk Art Album,” second; Jacky Tomkins, “Balanced Fitness”; and Judy Martin, “Botanica Limited,” honest mention.

Class 16-Pieced Quilted by Self: Jan Bretzel, “Windows,” initial place; Barbara Hofmann “School Colors,” second; Judy Stapleman Kroes, “Moon in a Window,” third; Judy Anich, “Vintage Handkerchiefs”; and Caroline Kuehneman, “Spikes All Around,” honest mention.

Class 17-Pieced Quilted by Other: Mary Risler, “Civil War Remembered,” initial place; Linda Schubert, “Diamond Magic,” second; Marylouise Wendzinski, “Poinsettia Swag,” third; Ruth Rohlfing, “Red Ribbons”; and Yvonne Parks, “Patriotic Stars,” honest mention.

Class 18-Miniature: Retta Falaschi, “All Twisted Up,” initial place; Christy Schliesmann, “Vibrations,” second; Cindy Garcia, “Remembering Jean and Kathy,” third; and Judith Barnes, “Mini Hex,” honest mention.

Class 19-Landscape/Pictorial: Maria Rivest, “Beach Walk,” initial place; Rosie LaMantia, “A Quiet Moment,” second; Jayne Steffens, “CityScape With Moon,” third; and Cindy Garcia, “You Dirty Dog,” honest mention.

Division F: Crib/Toddler

Class 20-Any Technique: Susan James, “Blooming Beauties,” initial place; Jacky Tomkins, “Shapes Numbers,” second; Mary Piper, “Sun Bonnet Sue Redwork,” third; and Linda Schubert, “Alphabet Soup,” honest mention.

Division G- First Judged Entry

Class 21-Any Technique: Tammey Stray, “Tammey’s Troubles,” initial place; Judith Liggett, “Love Letters,” second; Sherry Gruhn, “BUGS,” third; and Ann Smith, “Gertie’s Gams,” honest mention.

Division H: Quilted Home Accessories

Class 22-Home Accessories: Diana Dunaway, “Yo-Yo Pillow,” initial place; Jacky Tomkins, “Shades of Gray,” second; Cindy Garcia, “Blessings Table Runner,” third; Cecilia Johnson, “Shades of Gray Tablerunner”; and Mary Piper, “Embroidered Pillow,” honest mention.

Division I: Quilted Apparel/Accessories

Class 23-Bags/Totes/Apparel: Nancy Larsen, “Oriental Blue Weekender Bag,” initial place; Cindy Garcia, “Figure Flattering Jacket,” second; Sue Scheckel, “Red Bag,” third.

Division J: Lighthouse Challenge

Class 24-Any Technique: Maria Rivest “Baker’s Dozen,” initial place; Peggy Nielsen “Baker’s Dozen,” second; Rachel Riley “Thirteen Circles,” third; and Jacky Tomkins “13 Every Which Way,” and Stevie Breit “13 Fabrics for My Stash,” honest mention.

Division K: Youth

Class 25-Youth 12 years aged or younger Quilted by Self: Nova Zuberbuehler, “The 4 Seasons,” initial place; Willem Riley, “The Green Monster,” second; Maggie Ludvigsen, “Blue Bonanza,” third.

Class 26-Youth 12 years aged or younger Quilted by Other: Eleanor Riley, “Endless Summer,” initial place; Sydney Ludvigsen, “Rhapsody Rainbow,” second.

Class 27-Youth 13-17 years aged Quilted by Self: Elizabeth Busch, “Preppy a Whale,” initial place; Ella Frangopoulos, “Giraffes,” second.

Class 28-Youth 13-17 years aged Quilted by Other: Emma Scott, “Little Picket Fence,” initial place; Solomyn Collen, “Tulip Garden,” second.

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