Lavender Mountain Hardware & Garden offers a far-reaching accumulation of present ideas as good as many other equipment for a open …

May 9, 2017 - garden totes

This is Lavender Mountain’s 18th open and their busiest time of year: really hectic, though rewarding.

Mother’s Day is entrance up; people buy gifts for their mother, their grandmother, their wife, and even their good aunt. The week before Mother’s Day is Lavender Mountain’s busiest week of a year.


Home décor- singular frames, outside continue explanation pillows, and ceramic bird. Metal outside list and chairs.

Hanging baskets and flowering shrubs are renouned for Mother’s Day along with bird baths and fountains.


Great preference of unresolved baskets.

They are very unapproachable of their Gift Shop managed by Leanne Kight. She has been with them for over 16 years and has grown a present area to embody a singular collection of gifts and apparel. She started out with a tiny area though it was so renouned and sales increasing so many it now covers a third of a store.


“It’s a Girl Thing” southern t-shirt Garden Tote that includes all a gardening palm collection we need.

It’s critical to Lavender Mountain that their gifts are high quality, mostly done in a USA and a present that they would like to accept themselves. Hand tuned breeze chimes, soy candles, lush high peculiarity soaps and lotions, Cypress made-to-last-a-lifetime birdhouses, finish cookware, object hats and scarves; there is something for everybody and they adore to present wrap.


Scented soy candles and lush perfumed soaps.


Cypress Blue Bird House. Made in a USA

It’s flattering many all about a Garden Center this time of year and any object relating to landscaping or gardening.

The Lavender Mountain Garden Center along with a Green Services offers a full operation of products and services that make for a really bustling spring.

Rob Parker heads adult a Green Services providing grass maintenance, designation and design. He is a UGA connoisseur and protected landscape designer with many years of experience.


Beautiful Mother’s Day containers and plants.

Their Garden Center staff is dedicated to assisting Lavender Mountain’s business be successful with their gardening. Kayla Bryant, Laura Adams, Rebecca Petracca and Cherry Green are all eager gardeners with many years of knowledge among them. They have turn a experts for enclosure pattern and planting. This is a good niche for their business given Lavender Mountain bonds hundreds of containers and plants and has some really artistic employees.

Spencer and Virginia Brewer possess Lavender Mountain while Drake Holley Tara Peace conduct a store. They are a reason their business keep entrance behind and rest on Lavender Mountain for a form of use that is tough to find anywhere else. The use supposing is summed adult by a new quote from one customer: “I come to [Lavender Mountain] since we feel appreciated.” The staff during Lavender Mountain knows many of their business by name and suffer their loyalty tremendously.

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Hand-tuned breeze chimes.

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