Kansas City Royals heat should hold Hub (and New England)

October 5, 2014 - garden totes

What a open use a Kansas City Royals are performing.

For New Englanders, they are giving us a healthy choice to wringing a hands and moping about a complete uselessness of a Patriots’ offense line.

(Some folks have been listened muttering over a Pats’ defense, though if a invulnerability is on a margin for 20 plays while a offense cobbles together one 4-yard that ends in a punt, a best invulnerability on a universe is going to demeanour like a cackle of frat boys after an all-nighter.)

For effusive ball commissioner Bud Selig, they are creation a aged used automobile salesman demeanour officious sage. Finally, there is discernible justification to strut Selig’s faith that even ballclubs with owners who tip some-more for breakfast than they spend on giveaway agents can contest in October.

For those of us who trust that TV has finished some-more to hurt ball than authoritarian representation depends and Bill James combined, it is high to prognosticate Fox executives sweating buckets during a small idea of a Kansas City-Washington World Series.

So, if a Bengals resume a beat-down executed by a Kansas City Chiefs final Monday night, don’t flog in your TV screen. Surf over to Royals-Angeles Game 3 and conjure that warm, hairy feeling we had examination a 2001 Patriots impetus from a inlet of unconcern to a Super Bowl championship.

PENNY ANTE ABSURDITY: Celtics fans are display a arrange of calm borne from a faithfulness occasionally stage in this age of benefaction gratification. That is generally constant deliberation a existence that a C’s are doubtful to be many improved this deteriorate than they were during a 2013-14 reconstruction of a Rick Pitino building show.

The 17-time universe champions are stability to pull that pouch with one of a many shameless business scams in a veteran sports industry. Season sheet holders are being asked to flare over a few additional bucks if they wish to accept their tickets in a form of tangible tickets.

They call it digital ticketing. Customers are handed nonetheless another cosmetic label to receptacle around in their wallets. The supposed Celtics Parquet Pass is touted as a approach for supposed Celtics Members to use, sell or give divided their tickets though fear of losing, ripping or blazing those nasty old-school tickets.

If a Celtics Member prefers those prude tickets – a kind kids can save as justification of their initial Garden visit, for instance – it will cost $45 per chair to accept 40 tangible tickets.

The Celtics are frequency a usually group in America doing this. And a cost is minimal, though it is also irrelevant. It is absurd in that it represents one some-more approach to tool their many constant fans.

At slightest make it sporting; how about a one dollar refund, per seat, for each home diversion that a Celtics lose. Spurred by that incentive, a C’s could moment 15, maybe 16 wins during a Garden.

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Derek Jeter’s Player Tribune, touted as “a new media height that will benefaction a unfiltered voices of veteran athletes,’’ scored a initial dip final week when Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson removed his days as a schoolyard brag and his contingent mutation into a good guy. It was an engaging insight, never formerly reported, into a side of an contestant luminary that is frequency seen.

The Player Tribune’s initial exam as a voice for a abounding and overly indulged will come when it is suggested that 9 out of 10 “writers” is indeed vouchsafing one of his hired image-makers portion as a ghost-writer. If they try a cover-up, we’ll know it is something reduction than advertised.

TIME TRAVEL: Oct. 5, 1974 – The Alvirne High School boys soccer group finished off dual widespread performances in that it outscored Pelham and Manchester Central, 17-0.

Also that weekend, a Patriots beaten a Baltimore Colts, 42-3. Quarterback Jim Plunkett had 3 touchdown passes while Colts rookie Bert Jones continued on his unfit goal to make Colts fans forget Johnny Unitas.

A integrate of years from now Jimmy Garoppolo might wish to give Jones a call.

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