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May 28, 2015 - garden totes

Beth Goodman is a Los Angeles businessman and engineer behind a line of accessories famous as Marie Turnor. She finds impulse in ideas others competence chuck away. For instance, her strange tan Picnic Bag purchase looks like a classic brownish-red paper lunch sack–though a Marie Turnor chronicle is fashioned from fine, buttery leather and comes in platinum, antique bullion and other shades her devotees tend to collect.

Born in New York and prepared during art propagandize in London, Goodman set adult emporium in 2009 in Los Angeles, where all her pieces — totes, purses, wallets — are done in a downtown atelier. She common some thoughts on her process, her constant following and a L.A. pattern scene.

You got famous conceptualizing purses and clutches desirous by paper bags. Paper bags? How did we see a character in that?
When it came to handbags, we wasn’t meddlesome in anything that was being offering in a U.S. marketplace during a time.  we had been roving in Europe and remembered saying an superb Parisian lady carrying a folded, red paper bag – we suspicion it was a purse until we got closer and satisfied what it truly was. we remember being struck by that vision; a undying functionality of something so simple.  we took that judgment and blending it to a line of handbags and tiny leather accessories. In 2009, we started a Marie Turnor code with usually a few items: a wallet, an pouch clutch, and a now signature Picnic clutch.  Soon after, a Dinner, Snak, Lunch, and Feast assimilated a family along with other incomparable bags like a Rendezvous and a Bak-Pak.

Marie Turmor's renouned Lunch Clutch

Marie Turmor’s renouned Lunch Clutch

What’s your hottest seller during a impulse and because do we consider that is?
The Lunch clutch. It is, we think, a ideal purchase size; conjunction too large or too small. Within a Picnic group, a best seller is a healthy tan color. Although it’s leather, it looks only like brownish-red paper so it accentuates a newness of a lunch bag idea.

What’s your artistic routine like these days?
Marie Turnor is a loyal tiny business. we am concerned in all processes – from a initial sketching and sourcing all a approach down to overseeing a tiny staff that handles sales and delivery. When we need to pattern a new collection, we stay during home where my mind can settle. we have a pleasing residence in Mt. Washington with a outrageous garden. It’s like being in Provence (my favorite place). we approximate myself for a few days with plants and walks and magazines and books. we also transport utterly a bit and we demeanour for impulse wherever we go.

Marie Turnor's Idea Bag, here in denim, $198, is modeled after a IKEA selling bag

Marie Turnor’s Idea Bag, here in denim, $198, is modeled after a IKEA selling bag

Who done we go “Wow! Cool!” when we saw her carrying one of your clutches?
Ines de la Fressange and Zoe Kravitz. While both have really opposite personal styles, they ideally constraint how we prognosticate my pieces being worn. Another good instance is Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty – she has been an early believer of Marie Turnor and carries it effortlessly. Natalie gravitates toward a brand’s some-more newness equipment like a Bak Pak and a Sac. Courtney Trop of Always Judging and Danielle Nachmani of Something Navy also take my pieces to their possess personal level, that always creates me smile.

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