How to upcycle and recycle all from food to garments and computers

May 17, 2015 - garden totes

1. Make your possess compost

Composting is an easy approach to renovate your kitchen and garden rubbish into nutrient-rich food for your plants. Compostable rubbish can be separate into dual categories. Green rubbish is discerning to debase and provides essential nitrogen and moisture, and can be done adult of plant clippings, unfeeling peelings, coffee drift and tea leaves. Brown waste, that is slower to mangle down and provides CO and fibre, can be done of cardboard, timber ash, egg shells and even hair. Aim for a 50/50 separate between a dual for offset compost. For some-more info revisit

2. Don’t recycle, upcycle

Upcycling means transforming rubbish into useful stuff, giving aged products some-more value instead of less. You can upcycle anything – a booze bottle can be remade into a lamp, aged garments can make flattering bunting (above), and with a bit of sewing we could spin an aged T-shirt into a accessible receptacle bag.

3. Make use of your giveaway internal recycling services

Don’t forget your internal legislature provides glorious giveaway recycling centres for many forms of element waste, such as cans, bottles, wardrobe and plastic. The use is paid for in your legislature taxation check – so use it! Check out your internal council’s website for some-more information.

4. Give it away

The aged proverb ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ has never been truer, with websites such as Freecycle, Freegle, PreLoved and Gumtree flourishing increasingly popular. These sites concede users to re-home their aged confusion giveaway of charge, and are designed to keep serviceable security out of landfills. You might be astounded to see all from paving slabs, fridge-freezers, houseplants, hairdryers and rider guides listed – a junk cluttering adult your home could be only what someone in your internal area is looking for.

5. Make a disproportion to someone reduction fortunate

There are copiousness of organisations that will collect adult your aged mechanism and send it to places in Africa, assisting to open adult IT preparation to millions of people. Take a demeanour during Computers 4 Africa, IT Schools Africa and Computer Aid International.

6. Sell it!

Don’t demur to sell your neglected goods, generally electricals – we can get some additional slot income and somebody else gets a bargain. Phone recycling sites such as Mazuma Mobile are good, though we can customarily make a bit some-more by offered it yourself on eBay or Gumtree.

7. Join a points prerogative scheme

Find out if your internal legislature offers prerogative points for being a good recycler. These can be used on things like convenience centre swims, H2O butts and composters.

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