When Grist offering me a pursuit as a new amicable editor (a.k.a. veteran Facebooker), we was, of course, thrilled. Not usually was this an event to conduct a amicable media of an classification we admire, it was also a possibility to get out of Charlotte, N.C., where I’d been grudgingly vital for a prior year. A regressive banking city that desirous a Onion title “Horrified Man Suddenly Realizes He’s Putting Down Roots In Charlotte,” a Queen City was not a good fit for me. Seattle, where Grist HQ is located, has all that Charlotte lacks (mountains, water, authorised weed) and we was some-more than prepared to get out of North Carolina.

There was, however, one problem: Moving opposite a nation meant moving opposite a country. Even meditative about it gave me heart palpitations. There was usually so many to do: we would have to find a place to live in Seattle and get a subleaser for my unit in Charlotte and sell my automobile and find some sleet boots and, many regrettably, understanding with all of my stuff. Was we disturbed about blank my family and friends in North Carolina, about not saying my nephews grow up, about brunch menus reduction forage and honeyed tea? NOPE. we usually didn’t wish to pierce my heavy-ass cot opposite a country.

According to a internet, relocating is right adult there with divorce and genocide on a scale of stressful life events. Since reaching adulthood, I’ve changed a lot, and it seems like usually when we finish unpacking one apartment, my franchise is adult and we have to mangle out a burble hang and start all over again. we was ill of it — ill of borrowing trucks, ill of scavenging boxes from a wine store, ill of vagrant friends to assistance pierce a washer/dryer adult 3 flights of stairs on a pleasing Saturday afternoon. It’s usually too many damn work.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t usually desert all of my secular security and get on a plane. we still had to understanding with my stuff. During prior moves, we would during some indicate give adult on my joining to reducing, reusing, and recycling and start throwing shit away, though given we was relocating opposite a nation to work during an environmental media organization, we motionless that this time we wouldn’t toss out that opening and those linens usually since a dumpster was closer than a Goodwill; instead, we would find a new home for everything.

So how to get absolved of all a things I’d amassed over a years? Take CDs, for instance. You can’t usually sling them during a deer who’ve been treating your garden as a buffet; we have to give them to a reticent teen and tell him that they’re vintage. we had shelves full of books I’d already review and garments we never wore and a large cot and a four-post bed and a dining room list and some-more receptacle bags than a Park Slope farmers marketplace — and all of it had to go somewhere. Some things would be easy to get absolved of. Clothes? Goodwill. Books? Library. Kitchen stuff? Leave it on a quell and pat yourself on a behind for giving behind to a community. Now there was usually a matter of indeed doing it.

A integrate weeks before we was ostensible to leave, we still hadn’t done many progress. Every time we glanced during my to-do list, a staggering volume of work forward would send me into a tailspin of lethargy. Sure, we could start make-up adult my kitchen, though wouldn’t examination The Killing and yelping my destiny lunch options be some-more productive? If usually we could usually leave all in Charlotte, brush on a approach out and dump a pivotal underneath a mat.

Actually, because couldn’t we usually leave? If we could find a subleaser who didn’t possess anything and who indeed wanted my stuff, I’d unequivocally be providing a service. we gamble there’s some folks who would adore this place, we thought, and called a interloper resettlement classification to ask if they knew anyone in need of an overpriced dual bedroom, dual bath in Charlotte’s chronicle of an humanities district. Sadly, my bid was impotent — it seems there are channels for this kind of thing and illegally subletting my unit wasn’t one of them.

Next, we put an ad on Craigslist (“Take Over My Apartment And Everything In It”) and waited for a calls to start. They did start, though mostly people were confused.

So you’re giving divided all your stuff?


Got a dresser? I’ll compensate for it.

It’s not for sale.

OK, can we usually have it?

Are we an haven seeker? No? No.

Craigslist also got me nowhere though eventually, after several unsatisfactory open houses where no one seemed in quite apocalyptic straits, we found a subsequent best thing to refugees (gays!) and a lovable immature integrate whose relatives consider they are going to Hell concluded to pierce in. “Happy to help,” we told them while solemnly subsidy divided before they could change their minds.

Moving might be as stressful as divorce or death, though in this case, it all worked out. we got absolved of all and flew opposite a nation with usually what we could lift and a new span of sleet boots.

And it turns out that even if had kept my stuff, we wouldn’t have anywhere to put it. My Seattle unit is really, unequivocally little — we might be informed with a blueprint if you’ve spent any time in jail — and it lacks some of a amenities one expects in a complicated home (for instance, a lavatory sink). But if we consider of it as a little residence instead of a studio apartment, it starts to feel a unwavering choice to live immature instead of a outcome of Seattle’s violent let market.

I possess roughly zero during this indicate — we have one mug, one plate, and usually adequate garments to get me by a week. But it’s adequate to make my 300-square-foot studio feel roughly cozy. Yes, it could be better, we consider while spitting toothpaste into a kitchen sink, though it could also be so many worse.