Hints From Heloise: Hanger hangover

December 23, 2014 - garden totes

Dear Heloise: we have valued your recommendation and opinion for years. we proffer during a preservation shop, and we have an contentment of PLASTIC CLOTHES HANGERS, that are apropos a problem. We don’t know how to absolved ourselves of them, since a business do not wish them, and storage room is during a minimum. Any ideas for recycling or other uses for these hangers that seem to greaten overnight? — Bev A., Kerrville, Tex.

Hangers (any type) only plain seem to induce some-more all a time! Perhaps we can initial call nursing homes, homeless shelters and facile schools. Or, put 10 or so together with some flattering badge and give them away, if we can. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: This year we am giving adult friends and family gifts in reusable selling bags. Our grocery sequence sells reusable bags in Christmas and holiday designs and colors for 99 cents. It also offers a bags in other appealing designs that could be used for birthdays and other occasions. The reaction, so far, has been rousing approval, and I’m happy to be doing a tiny partial to save a planet. — S. Allison in Florida

Every “green” spirit helps keep a world green! I, too, tend to collect a anniversary receptacle bags from a store. They can be only so damn attractive! — Hugs, Heloise

Readers, next is another good GREEN hint:


Dear Heloise: we seem to collect booze carriers used by grocery stores for carryout. we buy several stimulating waters weekly, and a packer uses a new conduit any time. Convenient, yes, though an costly heavy-duty card object that needs to be thrown away.

While reorganizing my storage closet, it dawned on me that a booze carriers would be glorious for holding some of my cherished breakables. we filled one with candlesticks that disintegrate over easily. Another binds costly blossom vases securely. The carriers lay easily on my shelves. — J. Garner, Abilene, Tex.


Dear Heloise: we was operative in a yard and had to go behind into a house. we didn’t wish to take my boots off. we took dual cosmetic grocery bags that were in my cupboard by a garage doorway and slipped them over my shoes. we was means to use a ties to tie them adequate so that they stayed on my feet while we was in a house. It kept my floors from removing unwashed and was easy to do. — Joan Copeland, around e-mail


Dear Heloise: After struggling to get each final dump out of tubes of moisturizers, etc., we motionless that a best approach would be to cut a conflicting finish and use a string bandage to collect a costly cream. It works for me. — Ann Kanowsky, Boca Raton, Fla.

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