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August 4, 2016 - garden totes

HINSDALE, N.H. GT;GT; On Thursday, Aug. 4, a Hinsdale Post Office, a oldest invariably handling post bureau in a United States, will be celebrating a 200th birthday, and a open is invited to a party.

“We would like to have as many people as would like to come, to share with us,” pronounced Hinsdale Postmaster Cindy Mason. “The city rope is going to play, and we’re going to have a smashing cake.”

The post bureau has combined T-shirts and receptacle bags to commemorate a event, as good as a special hand-stamped cancellation.

“We asked a high propagandize to assistance us with conceptualizing a termination and we could customarily collect one,” Mason said, “but we put all of them on a behind of a T-shirt and receptacle bags so all a students could get recognition.”

The party, during 2 p.m. on Aug. 4, will also applaud a post office’s sleet garden during a side of a building. Mason explained that a sleet garden catches runoff from a roof.

“The sleet garden was a plan of a Environmental Protection Agency and a Postal Service,” Mason explained. “We partnered to get a H2O entrance off a roof so it can be filtered down to assistance strengthen a H2O sources. We did that final Sep — we put in over 500 plants.”

Mason remarkable that other post offices in a nation have operated for longer than Hinsdale, though not in a same facility. The Hinsdale post bureau has operated invariably in a same building given 1816.

“The initial postmaster here, Nathan Babbitt, was allocated in 1815. He was a one who had this building built,” she said. “There was a ubiquitous store here, and a post bureau assigned a tiny dilemma in a front. There were other businesses here, and as Hinsdale grew and a needs of a post bureau increased, we started holding over some-more of a building, and now we have a whole downstairs.

“The building is owned by Edwin Smith — we franchise this part,” she continued. “We have a prolonged lease, and I’m certain it will be re-upped with a chronological value here.”

The Hinsdale post bureau is open from 6 a.m. until 5:30 in a evening. While a window is open invariably from 9 to 5, business can also come in progressing or after to collect adult mail from their post bureau boxes.

“It’s great, since there are business who work out of city or can’t get to their mail each day from 9 to 5,” Mason commented.

The final few decades have brought thespian changes to a Postal Service.

“I see that first-class mail volume has decreased — there’s no doubt — since of opportunities to compensate online and other options that people have,” pronounced Mason. “They don’t have to put a stamp on an pouch and send it in to make their payments. What we see is an boost in parcel business. That is mailers who send out catalogues to folks who can afterwards go on line, and a package can come by a mail to be delivered.”

Cindy Mason, postmaster during a Post Office in Hinsdale, N.H., and Brenda Martin, clerk, mount during a categorical window on Tuesday.

The Postal Service gets a share of a new parcel business by partnering with private companies.

“We get smoothness drops from 3 opposite companies,” Mason said. “Amazon drops here in a morning, and that’s for same-day delivery. Customers go online with Amazon, packages are delivered here in a morning, and my carriers take them out that same day.

“Then we have FedEx and UPS that will dump packages here, and that’s customarily after a carriers have gone, so that’s customarily for smoothness a subsequent day,” she went on. “We do ‘the final mile’ so UPS and FedEx don’t have to go to a same houses that we already go to 6 days a week.”

The Postal Service itself has entered a online environment.

“There’s a lot of postal business that we can do though indeed entrance into a post office,” Mason explained. “There are places like usps.com where we can hunt for a zip code, we can imitation labels to make packages, and we can ask a pickup and a conduit can collect adult those packages and move them behind to a post office, and they go out that day — and you’ve never left a residence in your pajamas.”

The Postal Service’s module allows a patron to establish a postage and compensate for it online.

“It prints out a tag with a barcode with where it’s going and a category of service, and a package is all prepared to go out,” pronounced Mason.

The Postal Service has also decentralized a operations by substantiating what it calls “contract postal units.”

“That could be a ubiquitous store that has room, and they can yield certain postal services, and they competence even have postal boxes, and they fill a post-office boxes and business can come in and get their mail even if there’s no post bureau in their tiny community,” Mason explained. “These tiny units yield use closer to a patron so they don’t have to expostulate all over a city or 15 miles in a nation to where a categorical post bureau is.”

Mason herself has hold a accumulation of position in a Postal Service.

“I started out as a clerk and was a postmaster in another tiny office, and afterwards in my subsequent pursuit we was a sell manager,” she recalled. “I worked with post offices and their windows — how they look, a computers during a window, operative on training people. It was good since we did so many things that were associated to a customer.

“My subsequent job, being a selling manager in a New Hampshire-Vermont district, was also great,” she continued. “I had a same communication with a run and patron service, though we also got to understanding with business who mail in bulk.”

When a New Hampshire-Vermont district was joined with Maine, Mason’s position was eliminated. She had been roving to Manchester, N.H., from her home in Greenfield, Mass., so she was happy to find a position closer to home as Hinsdale’s postmaster.

“Everything has left around full circle,” she said. “This is a microcosm of my other jobs, since as a postmaster of this bureau we understanding with everything. It’s entrance behind home and it’s a smashing thing.

“I consider that there is a lot of change in a future, and people can demeanour during that as a challenge,” she commented. “I can’t know what all a changes are going to be, though we consider that any time we have an event to change and grow it’s a good thing. Nothing ever stays a same, and we should acquire and welcome those opportunities.”

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