Harpswell to offer executive collection of compost

June 7, 2017 - garden totes

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HARPSWELL — The Board of Selectmen on May 25 authorized an at-will agreement with a Portland-based association to a commander a executive composting module during a Recycling and Transfer Station.

“Ideally, this will unequivocally boost a recycling rate,” Phoebe Lyttle of Garbage to Garden told a board, explaining that food rubbish compromises 40 percent of likely waste. “That’s really, what it’s all about.”

Garbage to Garden started 5 years ago as a curbside composting company, enlivening residential homeowners to compost food rubbish for collection when they put out their weekly trash.

Since then, a association has stretched to new blurb models, Lyttle said, portion hundreds of southern Maine businesses, 37 schools, and a handful of municipalities.

However, not all towns are gainful to curbside pickup, Transfer Station Manager Chuck Perow said.

“Just a embankment of (Harpswell) creates curbside composting difficult, if not only unfeasible,” he said.

Consequently, he and Lyttle grown a commander module that creates a executive drop-off hire during a recycling center, and borrows portions of a indication from a adjacent city of Bath.

“We’ll be a collection entity,” Perow explained. “… Garbage to Garden in spin will collect adult a totes (of compost) as they’re full.”

Garbage to Garden will implement four, 54-gallon compost receptacles during a Mountain Road send facility, where residents can dump off their food waste. Garbage to Garden will afterwards collect up, clean, and send composted rubbish to a plantation in Gorham, withdrawal small work to a send hire employees.

Based on how most compost it generates, a city will perceived an subsidy of composted dirt on a quarterly or annual basis.

Calling it a “win-win,” Perow pronounced a module shouldn’t catch a cost to a city since a module simply redistributes waste. As distant as beyond investments, a commander won’t cost some-more than a few hundred dollars in deposits for a rubbish receptacles, that would be refunded if a module isn’t successful.

Perow described a commander as a subsequent step in his bid to boost a town’s rate of composting, building off final year’s announcement of a home composting guide.

The idea for a arriving year is to compost 10 tons of waste, or “10 tons we don’t put in a compactor,” he said.

“There are things in here we wouldn’t even consider of composting,” Selectman David Chipman said, flipping by a offer Perow provided, indicating out equipment like polish paper and wine-bottle corks.

The offer pronounced that if scarcely 40 percent of rabble were compostable, Harpswell could have composted roughly 300 tons of rubbish in 2016 during a cost of about $19,000.

Going forward, Lyttle pronounced her group will immediately start village overdo to ventilate a new service. Hopefully, she said, a success among residents will anchor a company’s participation in a area, and set a theatre for larger blurb expansion.

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Harpswell will settle a compost commander module with Portland-based Garbage to Garden in an bid to boost a town’s recycling rate.

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