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December 11, 2016 - garden totes

Any present given from a heart can be appreciated by a receiver, though maybe there are improved options than a new Crock-Pot. Maybe cooking fan Aunt Maude would cite quirky tea towels, and your gardening guru crony would conclude an artisan’s hold on a porcelain vase.

The local, handmade transformation is clever in Kansas City, with a operation of equipment from home taste to personal products. More and some-more shops are carrying products handmade by internal artisans and some, like Mid Coast Modern, Hammerpress and Urban Provisions, lift roughly all locally combined merchandise.

Your support means shopkeepers and creatives have a successful holiday, while we get to lay behind and suffer a smiles from your desired ones who got one reduction package of hosiery this year.

Woodn’t You Like This? Transport your decoction to holiday parties in character in a timber drink receptacle by Tallgrass Woodworking of Kansas City; Mid Coast Modern in a Crossroads carries them. Celebrate responsibly by safeguarding your seat with coasters done from Boulevard Brewery pallets by 928 Woodworks of Kansas City and sole during Urban Provisions in a East Bottoms.

Hang It Up: Plants move life to a indoors while a universe outward hibernates. Brighten cold, dim days with a basket atmosphere plant hilt by Art by Jennifer Fontanella from Mid Coast Modern. Season + Square in Brookside carries unresolved baskets by Convivial Productions as well.

Whoa, Nelly! Take bar room chaff to a subsequent turn with smart-alecky or spiteful statements on your glassware designed and printed by Easy, Tiger in a West Bottoms and Urban Provisions.

Pillow Fight: Pillows are unifiers in decor, though selecting one will be difficult. Select from a vast accumulation done with musty fabrics to fit any personality, during Mid Coast Modern and Urban Provisions.

Show and Tell: Art is a personal preference, though unapproachable Kansas Citians venerate to broadcast their city a best any approach they can. You can’t go wrong giving them a Kansas City-themed imitation by locals Kristen Smith, Tammy Smith and Patric Giroux sole during Mid Coast Modern.

Dry Humor: Even non-crazy cat ladies will venerate a caprice of cat plant tea towels done by husband/wife group Yonder, sole during Mash Handmade. Urban Provisions also carries a horde of KC-centric tea towels including one featuring a famous Scout statue, while Season + Square sells superb tie-dyed cooking and cocktail napkins by Owl Mouse Textile Designs.

Shades of Gray: Neutral gray looks outstanding swirled with white in this marble cylinder vessel from House of de Boer, a husband/wife group of KCAI graduates. It’s a versatile gift, being a vase, a storage receptacle or simply an intent of beauty and is accessible during Mash Handmade.

Handmade products retailers

▪ Mid Coast Modern, 2119 Washington St., Kansas City, MidCoastModernKC.com

▪ Urban Provisions, 2616 Guinotte Ave., Kansas City; UrbanProvisionsKC.com

▪ Season + Square, 6205 Oak Street, Kansas City; SeasonandSquare.com

▪ Easy, Tiger, 1408 W. 12th St., Suite 100, Kansas City; EasyTigerCo.com

▪ Mash Handmade, 3900 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MashHandmade.com (note: Mash Handmade will tighten for good Dec. 24)

▪ Red Star Studios @Belger Arts Center, 2100 Walnut St., Kansas City; RedStarStudios.org

▪ KC Urban Potters, 4 Westport Road., Kansas City; KCUrbanPotters.com

▪ Stuff, 316 W. 63rd St., Kansas City; PursueGoodStuff.com

▪ Hammerpress, 500 Southwest Blvd., Kansas City, HammerPress.net

▪ Indigo Wild, 3125 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City; IndigoWild.com; handmade soaps, bath and physique products and residence cleaning products.

▪ Hand Land, 11527 Ash Street, Leawood; HandandLand.com

▪ The General Store Company, 7922 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park

▪ Made in KC, 5 area locations listed during MadeinKC.co

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