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Editor’s Note: This is a second installment in an ongoing array by Martin Mcguckin – a former Royal Protection Officer. Read a initial here.

The initial time we did avocation during a Garden Gate Entrance to Buckingham Palace on a daytime change was on a really soppy afternoon. we had been briefed that HM The Queen and a Duke of Edinburgh were out somewhere in a City financial district on an central visit. we crunched my approach conflicting a sand stones adjacent a famous West Front, to my left a area of beautifully tendered lawns flowed simply to a lake beyond, other officers crunched alongside me as we all done a approach in joyful review to take adult a particular posts within a Gardens of Buckingham Palace. we incited a Swimming Pool dilemma and along a North Front where a Queen’s Door is located alone and a small shaken as to what lay brazen of me that afternoon.

The Queen’s Door is a Queen’s private opening to a Palace, if a Duke of Edinburgh is travelling with HM he will also enter by that door, though if travelling alone, by tradition he will enter a North Arch into a middle yard famous as a Quadrangle and enter by a King’s Door. The King’s doorway is also where British Prime Ministers enter a residence to revisit their Monarch. Looking into a old-fashioned Queen’s Door opening we could see by a stairs a small child’s pedal automobile parked there, we after schooled that it had been a benefaction to a Queen and a Duke of Edinburgh following a birth of Prince Charles, isn’t it smashing that HM has her son’s small automobile parked there surrounded by an array of a warmest family cinema that cover a accessible space on a walls all a approach adult a stairs to a Royal Apartments.

Maybe Prince George will get to play in his grandfather’s small Austin pedal automobile some time soon. The dual Princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret would have played around a drift outward this doorway as children substantially underneath a sharp eye of their Scotch Governess Marian Crawford when a Duke of York ascended a Throne as King George VI and altered his family into Buckingham Palace in 1936.

I crunched on along a sand and remembered a story of a new Guardsman behaving ensure avocation for a initial time during a residence who was not told that after a certain time in late dusk he should usually travel on a weed and not to make sound by walking on a stones. The story goes that in a early hours as he marched adult and down crunching his approach behind and onward a window slammed open high above him and a Duke stranded his conduct out shouting, “what do we consider we are doing?” The Guardsman realising that it was a Duke during a window came to courtesy and presented arms and shouted back, “I am safeguarding a Queen of England Sir!”. The Duke retorted, “What a ruin do we consider we am doing then?” and slammed a window shut.

I met with my co-worker during a Garden Gate Police Box and was briefed as to a time HM was opening to return, as it was my initial time on a post my co-worker talked me by a procedures and handed me a pivotal for a vast double garden gates before he went off duty. we nervously sat in a military box holding in my vicinity and waited for a lapse of HM The Queen. we didn’t have to wait prolonged as a radio crackled to life revelation me that a Royal procession was on a Mall. we put a pivotal in a close and watched a attainment of a military motorcyclists into position as they privileged a trail for a Royal automobile as it done a approach to North Centre Gate past Thomas Brock’s 2300 tons of streaked Royal Victoria Memorial denounced in 1911 with a figure of a ‘smith’ with produce hold aloft and a ‘countrywoman’ holding a sickle and a sheaf of corn confronting a residence gates. King George V knighted Brock on a mark during a unveiling, some time after it became apparent that Brock was a Communist and he had in fact put a black of Communism during a gates of a palace!

The Royal automobile entered a forecourt and we incited a pivotal to open a gates though a pivotal did not turn, we attempted again aroused we competence mangle a pivotal in a close though a pivotal did not turn. In a state of panic and violation out in a cold persperate we surveyed a gates as a Royal automobile swept conflicting a yard and we realised that a gates could usually be non-stop from a inside by pulling them open and that a pivotal was of no use, we frantically expelled a right embankment resource and pulled a embankment open, and afterwards we pulled open a left embankment usually carrying time to come to courtesy and salute Her Majesty as a Royal automobile upheld gracefully in front of me. If we had behind one some-more second a Queen of England would have been prevented from entering her Royal Palace and would have been left stranded out on a residence forecourt. Unknown to me all accessible military officers were examination a new Irish PC understanding with a antic ‘gate key’ on CCTV and were examination me onslaught to open a gates in a pouring rain, we had upheld my arising right of thoroughfare with full colours.

Kensington Palace is best famous as a home of a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton and their baby Prince George. In a early 1990s it was home to HRH Princess Diana and HRH Prince Charles. we was mostly compulsory to do avocation there. we was Irish and new, so we ticked all a boxes for a avocation Sergeant, as really few of a determined comparison Officers favourite to work during a Kensington section from Buckingham Palace as we always got a brief finish of a crowd in that we were posted to a quietest military posts divided from a open and a change could be long. One of these posts was a military box unaware Kensington Gardens usually a few yards divided from a front doorway of apartments 8 9 that a Queen had  had total into one following a Royal Marriage of HRH Prince Charles and Diana Spencer,  they lived there now with their immature Princes William and Harry. we have to contend that we usually saw Prince Charles come in with his confidence fact to religiously do a propagandize run for Harry or to take William off to his boarding school. we never suspicion anything of it that Prince Charles was divided during Highgrove House in a nation nonetheless one of a Sergeant’s hinted that all was not good in a matrimony probably on my initial day during Kensington. we was shocked.

Kensington Palace is open to a open though no member of a open will enter a Royal Village village of Kensington Palace though an invite. You enter Palace Avenue during a Royal Kensington Hotel on Kensington High Street mostly home to a Texas Billionaire during that time who had an mania with a Princess, he had a section on a top building unaware a Palace so he could watch for a comings and goings of Princess Diana. Palace Avenue runs right adult to a Police Post Barrier and when Princess Diana was pushing herself and we was on avocation we indispensable to keep my eyes peeled for her automobile opening with lights flashing  so that a confidence separator could be lifted in time.

The Princess always smiled and waved her thanks, we watched as she would assistance lift her selling bags in home with her staff, we could hear her delight relate around a palace. On downtime, that is during rest mangle we would relax in a military rest room that corroborated on to a Royal kitchens. Once a Kensington Officers got to know me they would share a kitchen left-overs sent in by a chef, a small mezzanine or colonnade ran along a behind of a rest room and we could see and hear that a kitchen was a happy place, and a place a Princess mostly visited with her boys as their voices resounded around a enclosed space for all to hear. we listened that if an Officer was timid or being eliminated she would if probable make an opening during his or her celebration with a benefaction and sealed label in tow. we got to like operative during Kensington Palace and looked brazen to my postings there.

One Saturday in summer when a temperatures were really high, and we had a bright blue sky we came on duty, as we walked adult to a military box circuitously a Royal Apartments to take over from a morning change we could hear a sound of children’s voices personification nearby, looking we could see a Princes and some other children personification with those outrageous H2O pistol guns that were all a fury behind then, my co-worker stepped out of a box wet, he had been ambushed and seemed astounded to see that we was dry. He pronounced that all a officers on post were dripping by a Princes and their friends. Prince William would have been about 8 and Harry maybe 6 during a time.

Some time after we was astounded to see Princess Diana opening true from her front doorway towards me, we had usually time to mount adult when she stranded her conduct in a door, there were no formalities and she chatted simply as she asked for a pivotal to a walled garden. we had no thought that there was a walled garden and didn’t know anything about a pivotal so she looked around a box and found it unresolved on a hook. One of a soaked military officers was walking circuitously and Diana contingency have realised what her boys were adult to as she done a bee line for where a kids were all playing.

She grabbed any Royal Prince by a ear and frogmarched them to all a military posts where they had to apologize to a policemen, she even came behind to me with them and we got a Royal reparation nonetheless we had not been targeted. She marched them by a front doorway and that was a final we saw of a boys until most after when they left with their mother.

Kensington Palace was creatively a Jacobean residence purchased for a Earl of Nottingham, King William III (William of Orange) and Queen Mary II purchased a residence and drift for £20,000 and employed Hawksmoor to make ‘the residence in a country’ prepared as King William didn’t do good with ‘London Air’, Wren, Vanbrugh, William Kent and many of a good architects worked during Kensington Palace as it grown over time. Queen Anne had a Orangery built in 1704. George we desired Kensington Palace, George II died in his H2O closet there, and King George III attempted never to go circuitously it, George IV was barred from it and  Queen Victoria was innate in it on 24th May 1819, eighteen years after on 20th Jun 1837 she hold her advent legislature there and that night private herself from a control of her mom for a initial time by sleeping in her possess room, within 3 weeks she altered to Buckingham Palace. Kensington has a abounding Royal story that might now be entering a excellent hour with a lapse of Prince William to his childhood home with his poetic mom Kate Middleton and a destiny King George VII. Prince Harry has also recently returned to Kensington Palace.

In 1990 a residence was also home to Princess Margaret, her son David Linley and daughter Sarah. One day we saw a flattering immature lady walking in from Kensington High Street instruction with selling bags, we knew she lived during a residence given we had seen her before within a secure area, we didn’t ask for her confidence pass and we chatted for utterly a while, indeed we chatted until my phone from a Police Control Room rang, as we answered a flattering lady walked off into a yard . The Controller asked me, “do we know who that is?” we pronounced “no, though she lives here as we have seen her before”. Controller, “ that’s Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones daughter of a Princess Margaret”.  we had usually been chatting to Princess Margaret’s flattering daughter and didn’t know it!!

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent lived usually conflicting from Princess Diana though we never saw any communication between them or their families, Princess Alice a mom of a Duke of Gloucester lived in a outrageous section on a dilemma conflicting a garden military box, she was an aged lady though mobile as we had been warned by a Kensington Officers to keep transparent during all costs, we review her necrology in Oct 2004, God rest her soul, she had died during Kensington Palace aged 102 years. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and their family and many of a comparison courtiers also live within a residence precincts.

Princess Diana came looking a pivotal to a walled garden a good few times during my use and she would passage into a military box with a handwritten list of cooking guest and let whoever was on avocation know who was visiting so that a front embankment could be informed.

I saw a Princess many times opening and going during a Cleveland Row military separator during St James Palace after we eliminated there to a Queen Mother’s Police Protection unit, St James had a bureau of a Prince and Princess of Wales formed there in one of a 3 Courts, Ambassadors Court that by gas light has not altered given John Adams a initial American Ambassador came to see King George III 1785. Patrick Jephson a associate Irishman was a Private Secretary to a Princess and Richard Aylard Private Secretary to Prince Charles. On a morning of Dec 9th 1992 we was briefed to set aside parking in Ambassador’s Court for several VIP visitors including a Prime Minister John Major and a Home Secretary Kenneth Clark, dual authorised teams were also benefaction as Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrived to join a meeting. That afternoon John Major announced a unhappy news that there Royal Highness’s were to divorce to Parliament and to a world. St James would now have a Office of a Prince of Wales and a Office of a Princess of Wales and things would never be a same again.

 It was pronounced among a military Officers during St James that many years progressing when Diana was usually a lady and she was visiting Sandringham House that her grandmother a Lady Fermoy, Lady in Waiting to HM a Queen Mother while seated on a dais with HM Queen Elizabeth a Queen Mother examination Diana personification motionless there and then, that it would be Diana Spencer who would marry a Prince of Wales and secure a destiny of a British Monarchy. Two aged ladies chatting motionless a destiny of a monarchy, unfortunately a designed kinship due would finish in divorce though a son William was born, most desired by a people and prepared for Kingship by his mom who will with Kate Middleton secure a destiny of a British Monarchy after all.

I was on avocation during Cleveland Row opening separator on an Autumn day some time after a central proclamation of a dissection when Princess Diana gathering herself out from Ambassadors Court in an Audi Coupe, she had dispensed with her military personal insurance officer Inspector Ken Wharfe and her insurance group and trafficked London alone as she entered a trade several vehicles were seen to enter trade behind her, one of a vehicles was from a confidence services. The mom of a destiny King might trust she was alone in London though insurance though a British Establishment had other ideas.

Princess Diana found herself in a life conditions where she had comparison not to have her Scotland Yard Protection Team who were accessible to her, with her on that fatal day when she mislaid her life in Paris as we overtly trust she would be alive currently as Scotland Yard Protection Officers do not concede Royal Princesses leave any premises by a behind doorway or concede any motorist expostulate when he is a risk to a Principle or a Protection Team.

About a Author: Martin McGuckin was innate in Northern Ireland in 1958. Here’s his story: “We had kin of both traditions as my maternal grandfather was an Ulster Scot presbyterian Protestant and my grandmother a Catholic and we grew adult in a residence passive of all eremite beliefs and traditions. 1969 saw a conflict of a ‘Troubles’ and a ideal lifestyle was ripped detached by a abandon of Irish terrorism.  Following a murder of my best crony in a early 1980s we assimilated a Police, we was one of a few Catholics in a internal Constabulary and following an conflict during my home in 1986 and danger of my mom and father we asked for a send to London. 1987 saw me walking a streets of Camden in North London as a London ‘Bobby’ and on a dusk of 18th of Nov we was called to a glow during Kings Cross Tube Station. The destruction and pain of Northern Ireland did small to ready me for a comfortless events of that day, 31 people mislaid their lives and many some-more postulated horrific injuries. This eventuality altered many lives, cave enclosed and following a enlightened news from a arch officer we practical to join a Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department (RPD) during Buckingham Palace. Due to my Irish credentials confidence vetting took some time and we was allocated to a Division in Jan 1990. Later that year we was comparison to join Her Majesty’s Travelling Staff of officers providing confidence to a Monarch and her family during all a Royal Palaces in England and Scotland. In 1993 we was requested to join Her Majesty a Queen Mother’s insurance patrol during St James Palace. That Christmas we was given ‘The London Encyclopaedia’ as a benefaction by HM a Queen Mother during Clarence House and my adore event with London story and a story of a Royal Family began. In 1995 following my early retirement from a Department we lerned as a Butler/Valet and went to live and work in a Belgravia House built by Thomas Cubitt a Master Builder for a German Industrialist. we sojourn in ‘service’ and we am happily married to a adore of my life Chie from Japan, we are sanctified with an 8 year aged daughter Georgina.”

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