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Beaulieu Palace House, as it is grandly known, is partial Gothic Cistercian Abbey and partial Victorian Gothic revivalist nation mansion. Opened adult to a open in a 1950s by a famous 3rd Baron Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu, Beaulieu House combined a plans for other noble homes transition from family home to traveller end and exists currently as partial of a organisation of museums and attractions famous as ‘Beaulieu’. It’s conspicuous “Bewly” if you’re extraordinary and stumbling perplexing to remember High School French.

Key Facts about Beaulieu House

  • Beaulieu Palace House is located in Beaulieu, Hampshire, England.
  • Originally built as a Great Gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey, this residence was built in a 13th
  • The residence has belonged to a bend of a Montagu Family given 1592.
  • Beaulieu is still home to a stream Lord and Lady Montagu though can be visited by a public.

A Brief History of a House


Beaulieu Abbey was a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1203 by King John. The buildings comprising a Abbey were so pretentious in scale and character it took roughly forty years to complete. When Henry VIII brought about a Dissolution of a Monasteries in 1538 Thomas Wriothesley, a 1st Earl of Southampton, succeeded over many foe to win a right to buy a Abbey, estates and 3,441ha of surrounding Beaulieu lands.

Lord Southampton began building a residence on a site of a Abbey, a stream Beaulieu Palace House, and used a existent Grand Gatehouse building as a substructure of his mansion. The existent porch, gymnasium and dual first-floor chapels were converted into a standard 16th century estate house. Although Lord Southampton demolished a church, he recorded a monk’s refectory that he donated to a people of Beaulieu to be used as their bishopric church. The cloisters and a dormitory were also recorded and sojourn to this day as partial of a Beaulieu Museum.

In a 19th century Beaulieu Palace House upheld into a caring of a Dukes of Buccleuch and was extensively rebuilt in a 1870s. Under a imagination of Sir Arthur Blomfield, Beaulieu was remade into a typically Victorian Gothic Revivalist nation mansion. Traces of a strange Gothic design sojourn in a strange 14th century middle hall, now used as a dining room, that facilities a mill ribbed safe and facilities linen panelling taken from a aged House of Commons. But notwithstanding these Gothic facilities a Victorian remodelling overwhelms. The dual former refuge chapels were remade into an ante-room and an top sketch room. The sketch room is flashy with a wooden beamed roof and Gothic stencilling and a kitchen stands accurately as it did in Victorian times.

The delicately withheld ancestral elements of this residence do zero to detract from a fact that Beaulieu is initial and inaugural a family home. Portraits of Montagus, aged and young, ancestral and modern, line a walls of this residence and a manual contains unconstrained sum of how any of these bedrooms was used by Montagus past and present.

The many noted member of a Montagu line to reside in this residence is positively a 3rd Baron of Montagu, Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu who hereditary Beaulieu Palace House in 1951. At only twenty-five years aged a Baron saw how nation houses opposite England were struggling to tarry and immediately threw open his doors to a public. The Baron done an vaunt of his possess family, tantalizing visitors into a residence by divulgence a residence and home of an English elegant family. A innate showman, a Baron had 5 antique cars placed in a opening to a residence and staged a initial nation residence jazz festival outside.

The renovations of a 19th century also remade a Beaulieu gardens. Originally a drift of a Abbey, a gardens embody a Victorian flower garden, an spontaneous forest garden and an elaborate kitchen garden that facilities a easy 1870 vine house. The Beaulieu Gardens are also home to a ancestral Rufus Memorial Cairn. Made of mill from a Abbey ruins, a cairn is pronounced to symbol a mark where King William Rufus was shot and killed by an arrow in 1100.


Today Beaulieu Palace House is a member of a Treasure Houses of England consortium. The houses and gardens are only dual of a attractions in a surrounding area famous as ‘Beaulieu’. Beaulieu Palace House and Gardens, a National Motor Museum, James Bond Experience (featuring vehicles from a films), Secret Army Exhibition, World of Top Gear and a Monorail can all be visited with a squeeze of one ticket.

What Makes Beaulieu Palace House Famous?

One of a many Abbeys to be bought and converted into a intemperate nation residence by an nobleman following Henry VIII’s Dissolution of a Churches in 1538, Beaulieu Palace House is famous in partial since of a family who have lived within a walls. When a 3rd Baron of Montagu non-stop a doors of Beaulieu Palace House to a open in 1952 he did it with a full believe that a life of a British aristocracy, indeed a life of his possess family, going behind by prior generations for hundreds of years, was something a good British open was unfortunate to know some-more about. A male who enjoyed a high life, a 3rd Baron, his collection of antique cars and adore of excellent booze and jazz, embodied all people approaching from an top category English gentleman. Ultimately his willingness to open adult his home, his life and a lives of his family to open inspection done Beaulieu Palace House one of a many renouned noble homes in a country. The residence is also believed to be condemned by a ghosts of Lady Isabella Montagu and incense-burning monks.

Beaulieu on Film and TV

The following films and TV shows were filmed during Beaulieu House

  • Churchill’s Spy School (2010) Documentary
  • Cassandra’s Dream (2007) Film
  • Mrs Palfrey during a Claremont (2005) Film
  • Ghostwatch Live (2001) TV Show

Further Research

  • Edward Douglas Scott Montagu (1983) Beaulieu Palace, House and Abbey
  • Frederick Hockney (1976) Beaulieu, King John’s Abbey: A History of Beaulieu abbey, Hampshire 1204-1538

Visiting Information

Beaulieu is open daily from May to Sep between a residence of 10am to 6pm. From Oct to Apr opening hours are 10am to 5pm. A revisit to ‘Beaulieu’ that includes entrance to Beaulieu Palace House and Gardens costs £21 for an adult, £12.50 for a youth, £10.50 for a child and underneath fives go free. By shopping a sheet online in allege we will accept a 10 percent discount. Visit a website for some-more information.

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