GOP’s Gillespie needles Warner in pro-Redskins ad

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GOP's Gillespie needles Warner in pro-Redskins ad

GOP’s Gillespie needles Warner in pro-Redskins ad

Former Republican National Committee authority and Republican U.S. Senate claimant Ed Gillespie prepares to opinion during a Fairfax County Government Center voting hire Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. Gillespie is severe Democratic Sen. Mark Warner. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Posted: Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014 1:53 pm

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GOP’s Gillespie needles Warner in pro-Redskins ad

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie, trailing in a polls and brief on debate cash, is anticipating a last-minute interest to clinging fans of a Washington Redskins’ name gets him over a idea line in his Senate bid.

The Gillespie debate ran ads statewide during a team’s diversion “Monday Night Football” coming on ESPN needling Democratic obligatory Sen. Mark Warner for not being a some-more forceful disciple for a team’s name, that critics contend is derogative toward Native Americans.

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a check to force a Redskins to change their name,” a ad’s anecdotist said. “Mark Warner refused to answer if he supports a check or not. Why won’t Warner quarrel a anti-Redskins bill?”

Gillespie afterwards tells viewers he would conflict Reid’s legislation and “let a Redskins hoop what to call their team.”

Warner, who has not assimilated efforts by other Senate Democrats to vigour a National Football League to have a team’s name altered and has pronounced Congress should not get involved, mocked a ad.

“Down double digits, late in a fourth quarter, a Gillespie debate threw an deficient Hail Mary,” his orator David Turner said.

The choosing is a week divided and polls have consistently shown Warner, a renouned former administrator ahead. The many new debate financial news uncover Warner with $8 million compared to Gillespie’s $2 million.

Gillespie debate orator Paul Logan declined to contend how most a costly primary time football ads cost.

A singular money supply led a former Republican National Committee authority to cancel TV ads dual weeks ago, and Gillespie loaned his debate $400,000 final week. Logan pronounced Gillespie — a Philadelphia Eagles fan who says he roots for a Redskins when they aren’t personification his favorite organisation — did not make a loan categorically to buy Monday’s ad.

The anti-“Redskins” transformation has gained movement over a final year and a half and drawn in political, eremite and sports total in further to Native Americans. But that movement has also sparked a recoil in support of a team’s name.

This summer, a tiny organisation of Virginia state lawmakers shaped a “Redskins Pride Caucus” this summer. The organisation so distant appears to have finished small other than to promote a support for a organisation on amicable media.

Redskins’ owners Dan Snyder has pronounced he will never change a team’s name.

Campaign annals uncover Snyder and his mother any gave Warner’s debate $5,200 in December. Snyder also gave Warner $25,000 when he successfully ran for administrator in 2001. Robert Rothman, a partial owners of a team, has given Gillespie $5,200 and Dwight Schar, another partial owner, and his mother contributed $10,000 to Gillespie’s campaign.

An Associated Press check expelled final year found that 79 percent of Americans believed a name should not be changed, while usually 11 percent suspicion it should be changed.

Football and politics go hand-and-hand in Virginia. The Warner debate progressing this year expelled an ad featuring former Virginia Tech standout Bruce Smith advocating for Warner.

And during final year’s gubernatorial debate between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli, a pro-McAuliffe domestic movement cabinet paid for a craft to fly over a University of Virginia football diversion with a ensign observant Cuccinelli upheld a out-of-state opponent.


Associated Press author Philip Elliott in Washington contributed to this report.

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