Gonzales Garden Club shares tips, crafts during meeting

November 4, 2015 - garden totes

The Gonzales Garden Club met on Oct. 7.

One concentration was repurposing used equipment in a home garden.

Janis D’Benedetto, Rita Bourque and Weezie Cashat presented flower arrangements of crescent designs regulating repurposed equipment and plant materials from their home gardens.

Ellen Richmond guided members by a qualification seminar to emanate personalized garden containers shaped by saturating a accumulation of complicated cloths with a concrete mixture, afterwards draping them over cosmetic pots to dry and harden.

Kat Hightower supposing an educational hands-on vaunt of commercially constructed soils. She stirred members to review a characteristics of several brands of potting and garden soils by displaying 6 bags of opposite mixtures with apportionment samples for visible and textural observations. Members finished questionnaires and perceived appearance prizes.

The bar donated $75 to say a moth garden during Pecan Grove Primary School. The bar also donated a vast plant in an elaborate steel enclosure designed by Janis Poche to a District VI Board of a Louisiana Garden Club Federation for an arriving fundraising auction.

Janis Poche’s gardening tip of a month referenced horticulturalist Dan Gill, observant that gardeners should name a right kind of chrysanthemums for their garden purposes: cut-flower mums, pot mums and garden mums.

Poche, Dana Teepell and Conchita Richey were any nominated for awards for training horticulture classes to a open for free. Club Historian Ellen Richmond skeleton to hit dual vital open entities about a storage and arrangement of comparison past garden bar presidents’ scrapbooks as good as photocopies of a 5 many new books, that safety a birthright of a 44-year-old organization. Richmond famous new members by presenting them with personalized name tags and festooned board receptacle bags.

Returning member Janis D’Benedetto pronounced a Residential Yard of a Month Award went to Olin and Trella Berthelot, of 1736 E. Oak Alley, and a Commercial Landscape of a Month was Ascension Funeral Home during 426 W. New River St.

Hostesses Ellen Richmond, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Barbara McCormick, Priscilla Monson, Patti Mouton, Mary Jo Pohlig and Richey served a grill lunch.

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