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September 22, 2017 - garden totes

FAIRBANKS — we once inadvertently drank worm compost tea. To equivocate this situation, never put a glass from a bottom of a worm bin in a bottle. we had dual bottles on a list while training on that fatal night. Trying not to remove eye hit with my class, we grabbed a wrong one and took a chug, opportunely with no ill effect. 

Vermiculture, as worm composting is called, is a easiest approach to recycle your kitchen rubbish during a winter. The vermicompost, or castings, make a good dirt amendment for your garden. The extract during a bottom of a bin is merely a byproduct. Now that temperatures are dropping, consider about environment adult a worm box indoors or in a garage. It’s most some-more appealing than slogging out to a compost raise once there’s sleet on a ground.

The best worms for composting indoors are red wigglers, Eisenia fetida. My initial worm bin was inside my front doorway since red wigglers cite to go about their jobs during room temperature. They also don’t mind vital in tighten vicinity to one another. we had no nasty odors or mildew gnats. Visitors didn’t even know a bin was there.

I have to admit, my worms were some-more like pets than workhorses approaching to routine all left over from meals. Their diet consisted essentially of coffee drift and unfeeling scraps. They perceived no chunks of seared bread, citrus or banana peels. Bread gets moldy, citrus rinds take perpetually to spoil and banana peels have been concerned as a source of fruit flies.

You can build your possess worm bin regulating a receptacle with instructions from a UAF Cooperative Extension Service publication, “Worms in a Tote,” accessible online during

For bedding, we cite to use strips of journal churned with a crater or dual of dank coir. Coir is coconut fiber, accessible during garden centers. Soak both journal strips and coir in H2O and afterwards fist it out. Try to flint it adult when adding to a bin. Hide your food bits inside a bedding when it is new and place a damp square of journal over a top.

Earthworms, including red wigglers, are not inland to Alaska. When we supplement castings to your garden, we also expected supplement earthworm eggs and cocoons. It is good documented that nonnative earthworms can wreak massacre with healthy ecosystems in other tools of a country. What happens in Alaska? Matt Bowser, with U.S. Fish Wildlife on a Kenai Peninsula, destined me to University of Alaska Museum of a North annals display 3 class of earthworms that tarry a winter outward in Fairbanks. They do not embody Eisenia fetida, a red wiggler. According to Bowser, Eisenia fetida, a eggs and cocoons are killed during 30 degrees.

Finding a source of red wigglers during this time of year competence infer a bit formidable now that a Tanana Valley Farmers Market has closed. Let me know if we have trouble, though try a internet. Red wigglers are mostly accessible on Craigslist in a plantation and garden section.

Julie Riley is a Tanana District horticulture representative for Cooperative Extension Service, a partial of a University of Alaska Fairbanks, operative in team-work with a U.S. Department of Agriculture. She can be reached during 907-474-2423 or

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