Gifts for gardeners: sunflowers and succulents; books, birdhouses and birdseed …

December 13, 2015 - garden totes

You’re origination your present list and checking it twice — and we unexpected learn there’s a gardener Santa needs to remember.

Stress not. Gardeners are, by far, a easiest people to greatfully given there are so many gifts that interest to their adore for all things healthy and nice.

20 Gifts for gardeners

1. Seeds for songs. When winter winds blow, songbirds in your yard will appreciate we for looking after them with seeds and fruits — flax, millet, apricots, blueberries and cranberries — covering a shapes of angels, owls, snowmen, bells, pinecones, gingerbread, wreaths and some-more by Mr. Bird. $3.99-$39.99 during Wild Wings Nature Store new plcae during Glendale Shopping Center on Warwick Boulevard (across transport from former plcae during Hidenwood Shopping Center), Newport News; or 595-3060.

2. Sunflowers and hoe. The Sunflower Garden Seed Collection includes all a colors and sizes of a sunflower family. Flowers can be harvested for uninformed bouquets or left in a garden for a birds to feast on a tasty seeds. Collection includes 5 packs of seeds and a planting blueprint for a 3-by-10-foot garden. Plant seeds directly in a garden dual weeks after a final open frost, $22.95. Use a fake CO steel, sharp-edged Japanese palm hoe to weed those sunflowers; accessible in left- and right-handed models, $24.95. Free shipping on orders over $35 until Dec. 20 during The Gardener’s Workshop, an online garden core in Newport News during or 888-977-7159.

3. Vintage birdhouse. Nestled underneath a eaves or beside a favorite entryway, a French Blue Williamsburg birdhouse is a glassy stoneware origination that has done happy homes for tiny birds given 1699. Inspired by an strange excavated from a yard of a ancestral James Geddy House, a bird bottles were apparently renouned in 18th-century Williamsburg given fragments were unearthed via a area. In further to providing beauty, birdhouses served a some-more unsentimental purpose: nesting birds done ideal insect control around homes, kitchens and stables. The roost — a stout hang from your yard — is not included. $29.99 during Celebrations in Merchants Square, Prentis Store in Colonial Williamsburg’s ancestral area and online as object No. 3668 during or 800-446-9240.

4. Fun and functional. An interesting further to any garden lover’s inside space, a hand-blown frog poses atop a stimulating creation potion paperweight filled with pool grasses and tadpoles. The glassblowers of Dynasty Gallery qualification any object divided from layers of 2,000-degree burning glass. $29.99 during a Wild Things Museum Store in a Virginia Living Museum, 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News; or 595-1900, ext. 259.

5. Mega mug. Cheerful cardinals and holly overstate a 16-ounce ceramic transport mug; a musical present box is included, origination gift-giving easy and thoughtful. $16.99 during a Wild Things Museum Store in a Virginia Living Museum, 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd, Newport News; or 595-1900, ext. 259.

6. Best books. Among a preference of plants and gardening books accessible during a Jamestown Settlement present emporium are “Plants of a Chesapeake Bay: A Guide to Wildflowers, Grasses, Aquatic Vegetation, Trees, Shrubs Other Flora,” by Lytton John Musselman and David A. Knepper, $9.99, and “Herbarium,” featuring illustrations from Basilius Besler’s 1613 “Hortus Eystettensis,” $12.95; or 253-4838.

7. Birdie treats. Give your best birding friends a basket of treats meant for their feathered friends. Fill a basket with a contingent of special blends that embody sunflower meats, peanuts, safflower and pecans or sunflower meats infused with burning prohibited habanero chilies to keep a squirrels away. A nutberry mix combines all of nature’s best in one bag — fruits with insect suet kibbles and whole heart sunflower meats, $12.99-$17.99 per 5-pound bag. Or, batch a basket with a suet cake tributary and a cakes to go in it, $1.69-$1.99. Cole’s Wild Bird seeds and dishes during Anderson’s Home and Garden Showplace on Jefferson Avenue, 599-3510; also, Wild Wings Nature Store during Glendale Shopping Center (across from Hidenwood Shopping Center on Warwick Boulevard), 595-3060, both in Newport News;

8. Year of birds. Keep lane of your bustling year while enjoying a sights of pleasing birds on a 2016 calendar that advantages research, charge and preparation work by a Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each full-color bird print facilities contribution about any class and some birding tips to assistance your outside birding skills, $10. For some-more bird-related present ideas — tutorials and webinars, guides to bird sounds, online birding anxiety and bird-friendly coffee — revisit

9. Pollinator pretty. Woven bamboo is made into Mason bee and moth shelters that entice pollinators to spend some time in your gardens. The teardrop-shaped shelters strew H2O and yield good ventilation. Narrow slots to keep predators out; a built-in loop creates for easy hanging. $24 any during present shop, Norfolk Botanical Garden on Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk; or 441-5830.

10. Year-round helper. For a seasoned gardener that wants an all-purpose tool, Gloucester gardener Brent Heath high recommends one of his favorites, a garden blade and storage blanket with a new heavy-duty blade. Heath uses a blade to cut a roots of weeds, to do a “stab/pull/drop” process of planting tiny bulbs and to plant tiny long-lived plugs. Order a blade with leather blanket with “Brent and Becky’s” trademark and website residence on it, $30, by Brent and Becky’s Bulbs during or 877-661-2852. The knife, assorted bulbs, books including “Bulbs, Revised Edition” by John Bryan and organic and fun gifts are also sole in a sell emporium on Daffodil Lane in Gloucester; 804-693-3966.

11. Color your world. Coloring books for adults are all a rage, pronounced to revoke highlight and boost tie to nature, generally when it’s a coloring book like a new “Color a Natural World” from Timber Press. The 96-page book includes bugs, fish, plants and sovereign butterflies. $10 during or 800-327-5680. Assorted adult coloring books also accessible during Barnes Noble book stores in Newport News and Hampton.

12. Fun and functional. A beautiful-looking and nice-sounding choice to gutter downspouts, sleet bondage beam rainwater from roof to ground. Rain chains, or “kuari doi,” are desirous by Japanese pattern that has been around for centuries, $56.99 during Countyside Gardens,220 E. Mercury Blvd., Hampton; or 722-9909.

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