Gift Ideas: The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

December 17, 2014 - garden totes

A tiny dash here and there is no biggie. In fact a Boom Swimmer can tarry for adult to 30 mins in 3 feet of water. (Just pattern it to sound muffled for a bit as it drys off.)

Boom Swimmer Bluetooth speaker(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

What unequivocally creates a Boom Swimmer value buying, however, are a transmutable attachments. The orator comes with a stretchable tail, that we can turn and offshoot onto rails, backpacks, or belt loops. Its swap suction-cup tip will let we hang it in hard-to-balance nooks and crannies.

Best for Rolling Stones: $129 Esquire Mini

Esquire Mini Bluetooth speaker(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

Perhaps we know someone who’s as recurrent about a potency of atmosphere ride as George Clooney’s impression in Up in a Air. She’d expected conclude a Harman Kardon Esquire Mini, a 1-inch far-reaching Bluetooth orator that’s usually a tiny bigger than a smartphone. The pattern apparently isn’t as cold as, say, a Jawbone or a Pill, nonetheless a flatness of a orator creates it many easier to store in a briefcase or a jacket.

The Esquire Mini has a built-in speakerphone for discussion calls or discerning wedding catch-ups, and it’ll final for 8 hours nonetheless a assign on a road. If we wish to column it adult somewhere in a hotel room or proxy table surface, we can usually cocktail out a tiny kickstand from a back.

Esquire Mini Bluetooth orator kickstand(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

When it comes to audio performance, a Esquire Mini lacks range. It’s improved off used for phone calls, podcasts, and easy listening. Once we pierce on to Beyoncé or even high-pitched exemplary music, a drum will go and you’ll expected knowledge some distortion. Still, not bad for how slim it is.

A tiny cheaper: the $100 Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

I chose a Esquire Mini over a likewise designed Pocket Kick given it was lighter and came with a kickstand. The Pocket Kick is a tiny bulkier nonetheless unequivocally has some-more range.

Most Likely to Inspire Noise Complaints to a Police: $200 Bose SoundLink Mini

Bose SoundLink Mini(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

The Bose SoundLink Mini offers a sundry sound range, treating all from Lou Reed to a Black Eyed Peas with a same ethereal care. It’s discerning to bond to whatever Bluetooth-enabled device we have during your fingertips. And, man, does this thing get LOUD. At a top volumes, however, a SoundLink’s drum can stutter sometimes. But chances are we won’t notice with all a 7 hours’ value of bumping and harsh you’ll be doing.

No matter how high this thing can scream, a 1.5-pound weight is approach too complicated to ride from place to place on a unchanging basis. Not to mention, it charges usually with a exclusive wire (so don’t remove it!). And it’s flattering expensive, deliberation that it’ll usually sojourn on a shelf in your house. Pretty bumpin’, though.

Best Boom for Your Buck: $100 UE Mini Boom

UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

Personal confession: Two years before we wrote this, we got my unequivocally possess Mini Boom, and we haven’t looked behind since. The reason is simple: It’s tiny adequate to fit in a receptacle bag, durable adequate that we can move it to a park, and — deliberation a low cost — has an considerable sound. That is, as prolonged as we indicate it toward you. Its uni-directional design, distinct many of a competitors, boundary a reach. It’s improved for tighten listening rather than for a swarming vital room full of people.

Sound-wise, it can strech both high and low, personification any genre with ease. You also have a choice to bond it with other Boom speakers for when we wish to suffer epic stereo approximate sound.

Guaranteed to Make Someone Love You: $200 UE Boom

UE Boom Bluetooth speaker(Alyssa Bereznak/Yahoo Tech)

Of all a speakers we tried, this is a one I’d many wish to uncover this holiday season. This orator is truly an fulfilment in audio engineering and design.

To start, it’ll play for a whopping 15 hours straight; a plasma-coated support keeps it stain- and water-resistant; it’s got a operation of 50 feet; and it can span with adult to dual other speakers in a Boom family for a surround-sound or multi-room listening experience. If we get too severe with it, you’ve got a two-year hardware warranty.

The Boom, that resembles a hulk Tootsie Roll, is also beautifully designed. Its orator complement is done to play with a 360-degree reach, so that wherever we place it in a room, it will automatically fill a area with transparent and offset jams. Though that’s many effectively achieved with a orator station vertically, we can also lay it on a side if we find yourself in a center of a quite furious party. 

Better yet, it comes in 15 overwhelming colors, dual of that are specifically designed by Skrillex (I know, nonetheless it’s cool!) and a London travel artist.

I also considered:

$180 Beats Pill
Though a Pill was flattering overwhelming when it initial came out, it doesn’t unequivocally review with a facilities of a newer competitors today. It’s usually got a seven-hour assign and a 30-foot range, and nonetheless it’s loud, it’s not even tighten to a fact of a UE Boom. Even if it is temporarily $20 cheaper than a common price, it’s value it to compensate a tiny bit additional for a lot more.

$130 Jawbone MINI JAMBOX
This, too, is also temporarily ignored from a strange $180 cost tab for a holidays. And notwithstanding a fact that a unstable Jawbone was a explorer a few years ago, it’s many some-more singular than a foe today. Despite being one of a prettier unstable Bluetooth speakers out there, it’s usually not that loud. Its thin, 1-inch breadth might make it a imagination traveler’s option, nonetheless we wouldn’t suggest it to someone as a categorical speaker.

$150 JBL Charge 2
The Charge 2 looks large and loud, nonetheless there’s no sound peculiarity to behind adult a aesthetic. No thanks.

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