Get Ready- Atomic Holiday Bazaar, Season 12

November 20, 2017 - garden totes

Atomic Holiday Bazaar enters a 12th deteriorate on Saturday, Dec 9 and Sunday, Dec 10. This holiday “indie” qualification uncover is reason during a Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, a Bay Front Room and travel satisfactory located on Plaza De Santo Domingo, a travel between a Municipal Auditorium and a Sarasota Art Center.

Atomic launched in 2006 on a Saturday with usually 50 vendors. The uncover valid such a success it was stretched to a full weekend a following year. By 2008 Atomic grew from a categorical auditorium to a Bay Front room to accommodate a ever flourishing series of gifted field and dedicated shoppers. In 2015, Atomic stretched again opening adult a initial travel satisfactory and jumping on a trend of including a handful of tasty food trucks.

This year a “row” on North Tamiami will all be open for business! On 12/9 and 12/10, noon to 5PM, The Art Center will reason their annual Art in a Garden featuring internal artisans and member art, a Sarasota Garden Club will open a doors for a initial time during a Atomic weekend holding a holiday plant sale. Friends of Sarasota History Center is open usually on Saturday, 12/9, noon – 5PM holding a holiday qualification sale. These events, subsequent doorway to a Atomic uncover are giveaway to enter and it is sparkling to finally have all of a Tamiami venues in this retard participating in a Atomic weekend. This event creates holiday selling events, all within walking stretch featuring equipment that won’t be found in large box stores along with a open carrying a possibility to perspective buildings from a art deco epoch to midst century modern!

The Atomic Holiday Bazaar is $5 for adults to enter a Main Auditorium, a Bay Front room and Street Fair are giveaway to enter. The holiday receptacle bag tradition continues with shade printed totes filled with Atomic swag that are handed out during any uncover to a initial 100 adults who enter a categorical auditorium. Food trucks and a auditorium cantina will be open for inspired shoppers. Support internal artisans and tiny business by avoiding large box stores and selling during Atomic this season.

For some-more information about Atomic Holiday Bazaar greatfully hit Adrien Lucas during 941-539-9044 or email during This email residence is being stable from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to perspective it..

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2017
Saturday, Dec 9 – NOON – 5PM
Sunday, Dec 10 – NOON – 5PM
Located during a Sarasota Municipal Auditorium

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