Get artistic with Valentine’s Day gifts

February 11, 2015 - garden totes

What are we spending?

The National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey reported that sum spending is approaching to strech $18.9 billion this year. Here’s a demeanour during what people are formulation to buy:

• 53.2% devise to buy candy

• 21.1% devise to buy jewelry

• 35.1% will spend their income on skeleton for a special night out

• 21.2% will buy something for family pets


Most everybody knows Valentine’s Day is all about adore and romance, though what about a people we aren’t romantically concerned with?

Here are a few options suggestions for what to get those other special people in your life, like parents, friends and teachers.

Kathy Myers, who took over a Teacher’s Toolbox final year, remembers receiving hand-drawn cards from her students on Valentine’s Day. When she was a teacher, her students would give her stickers, candy and other small treats.

“Homemade cards uncover they put some-more bid into it,” she said.

Her store offers die slicing for people who wish to uncover a small artistic permit on Valentine’s Day. It’s a complement that can fast cut out shapes from lightweight paper to cardstock.

Myers pronounced she is creation provide bags filled with candy and other things for her family.

For those looking to spoil their teachers for Valentine’s Day she pronounced a receptacle bag or insulated lunch bag competence be a good option, too.

“You could fill it with goodies,” she said.

A consult conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics for a National Retail Federation reported that 58.7 percent of those surveyed will spend an normal of $26.26 on other family members and $6.30 on children’s classmates/teachers.

Virginia Jurecka, who recently non-stop Simply Charming in Victoria, pronounced anticipating Valentine’s Day gifts for a friends and family shouldn’t be hard. A lot of choice are available, from home decorations to lotions and soaps.

“Garden art could be appealing to group or women,” Jurecka said. “With open coming, they can suffer something in a garden or yard for a rest of a year.”

She also co-owns of a Simply Charming store in Goliad with Donna Shedd. Both stores offer shoppers a accumulation of present ideas from wardrobe to valuables to accessories and home decorations.

Bird houses or outside decorations are ideal for someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, she said.

Scented gifts, such as candles and lotions, don’t always have to be for women, Jurecka said. Some stores offer some-more manly scented varieties.

“You can never give me too many candles,” she said.



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