Fresh food, honeyed mark during Northfield’s possess Mazza’s Market & Coffee House

April 8, 2015 - garden totes

Among a swinging baskets and Frank Sinatra photos during Mazza’s Market and Coffee House, a tiny ceramic tile on a wall reads, “Come as strangers, leave as friends.” Customers come to Mazza’s and feel as if they are stepping into owners Corina Clemente’s home and personal garden.

This Northfield coffee emporium sits sensitively along West Mill Road. Festive and anniversary flowers approximate a front of a store. To a left of a parking lot, several greenhouses are visible. Inside a coffee shop, immature wood-paneled walls are lonesome in pictures, plates and decorations. The coffee house’s area location, insinuate size, building to roof decor, wink lights and large, turn dining list emanate a accessible and accessible atmosphere for a staff and customers.

On a standard day, business stop by to squeeze divert and eggs. Other business suffer snacking and relaxing around a turn table. After propagandize lets out, children group to Mazza’s to get their sugarine fix.

Sitting during a turn list in Mazza’s is like carrying coffee during a friend’s house. Due to a residential zoning issue, Clemente was not means to keep several tiny tables inside. “But a business don’t seem to mind,” Clemente says.

During a winter months and bad weather, people accumulate around a list to sip lattes, work on their laptops and talk. For warmer weather, Clemente wanted to offer her business some-more seating, so she combined additional tables and chairs outward beside a flower stands.

Clemente and her family supplement to Mazza’s mouth-watering atmosphere with their accessible use and welcoming demeanor. Clemente’s family members assistance her conduct a business. Her father always owned restaurants, “so using a coffee emporium was zero new.”

After seeing a default of coffee shops in a area, Clemente purchased Mazza’s 3 years ago from a strange owners, who operated it as a farmers marketplace given a 1960s. She kept a name, and “not many has changed,” laughs Clemente, who is still tighten to a strange owners. During her initial months handling a coffeehouse and on-site greenhouses, Clemente mostly consulted with them when she had questions.

Since Clemente began using a business, she’s combined some-more products and extended a attract of a aged farmers market. Updating a building to duty as a full-service bakery and coffeehouse took Clemente and her family about a year. While she combined a portion opposite and barista equipment, Clemente kept a infancy of a store intact. She reused a strange owners’ furnish stands as shelves for her products.

Mazza’s has an general preference of coffee brews and specialty drinks, indicated in bullion lettering on vast repurposed saw unresolved above a countertop. Mazza’s offers espressos, lattes and coffees during reasonable prices (between $3 and $5). Clemente’s favorite splash is a Aloha latte — iced or hot. She also endorsed a peanut butter latte, my personal favorite.

Clemente does many of a cooking and baking for a coffeehouse. During a winter, Mazza’s offers a softly sharp chili ($5) and a accumulation of classical Italian soups ($4.50) — done following her father’s recipes. In a open and summer months, Mazza’s has uninformed salads from Clemente’s garden. Breakfast sandwiches and Italian lunch specials are offering year round. In addition, she bakes cakes, jumbo muffins, coffee cakes, fudge-like brownies, and several opposite forms of cookies, including their bestseller: peanut butter chunk.

“Some guys go crazy for these peanut butter cookies. This male used to come in each day to get a peanut butter cookie, and we only strike it off,” Clemente smiles. The peanut butter cookie male is now Clemente’s boyfriend.

In further to their uninformed food, a newly embellished fruit stands reason homemade jams, preserves, New Jersey honey, pastas, and coffee beans roasted in Vineland. All of a Italian cookies and biscotti come from a bakery also located in Vineland. Clemente is ardent about ancillary internal businesses. On a shelf subsequent to a coffee beans, she sells handmade mugs crafted by a internal artist.

The shop’s unresolved baskets emanate an eye-catching display, fulfilling Mazza’s idea to share internal products with a community. During a holiday season, Mazza’s sends baskets to internal businesses. Holiday baskets are also accessible for business to sequence and embody a accumulation of equipment such as pastas, sauces, honey, teas, and bags of coffee.

On May 1, Mazza’s will offer a newest anniversary item, a Shoe Box, that takes a name from a fun that tourists receptacle their lunches to a beach in shoeboxes. The Shoe Box includes a tiny sub, a snack, chips and a drink. Clemente intends for a Shoe Box to be an object that beachgoers can squeeze fast this summer.

Get a immature ride along with your crater of coffee

In further to using Mazza’s Market and Coffee House, Corina Clemente maintains mixed greenhouses on a property. Clemente grows vegetables, herbs, anniversary plants and houseplants. Working inside a greenhouses allows Clemente to grow year round. Many of a spices are used in her dishes and drinks inside a coffeehouse.

Although Clemente hereditary a greenhouses, she enjoys training to garden. To recompense for her miss of gardening experience, Clemente seeks recommendation from a former storeowners or watches YouTube videos.

All of Clemente’s crops are for sale outward a coffee house. Currently, Mazza’s offers broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale and romaine lettuce. During a summer, Mazza’s will be offered other anniversary fruits and vegetables grown on-site. You can even collect your pumpkin during Mazza’s subsequent fall.

According to Clemente, Mazza’s Market and Coffee House gives a business a event to “enjoy an glorious crater of coffee and emporium for new plants.”

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