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July 11, 2018 - garden totes

Forage Kitchen helps prepare get plantation off a groundPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
Farmer and Forage Kitchen prepare Jon Correa delivers totes filled with greens to a grill on his days “off.”

At a time when farm-to-table restaurants and internal sourcing are as entire in Madison as cheese curds on a menu, it’s tough to suppose a farm-to-restaurant partnership that deserves many attention. But as an organic unfeeling writer myself, I’m always on a surveillance for folks going above and over when it comes to desiring in a internal food stage and transforming it into something more.

Enter Forage Kitchen: a fast-casual grill portion adult healthy, locally sourced salads, pellet bowls and smoothies on State Street by a thousands. This eatery is like many in Madison with clever connectors with a farmers and producers, yet it’s a story of a Forage owners’ inexhaustible support of one of a chefs to assistance him get a tillage operation off a belligerent that sets them apart.

University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni Doug Hamaker and Henry Aschauer non-stop their initial restaurant, Roast Public House, in 2012 a integrate blocks down a street. They knew they wanted to be conscious with purchasing for their second restaurant, Forage. They wanted to offer quick, healthy dishes with simple, high peculiarity ingredients. On opening day, a menu was some-more than 90 percent organic, yet a twin fast schooled a impact they wanted to have came not only from regulating organic products, yet also from forging clever partnerships with small, local, organic farms in a area. we am propitious to be among a farmers who sell to Forage.  
I began offered furnish to Forage in late 2016. It was shortly after we began delivering that Aschauer introduced me to Jon Correa, who had assimilated a group that open as sous chef. Alongside operative prolonged hours during Forage, Correa was concurrently operative diligently to make his initial deteriorate of marketplace gardening a success. He had started Holistic Harvest, a CSA and marketplace plantation focused on wellness in southeastern Wisconsin, with his partner Stephanie Mullis that same year.


photoPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
Now that a hothouse is distant too prohibited to continue flourishing greens (which cite cooler temperatures), rancher Stephanie Mullis plants rows of tomatoes into beds of greens that have already been harvested.


Correa was ambitious. A new connoisseur of a Madison College culinary program, he had already baked for Grampa’s Pizzeria and Nostrano before anticipating his approach to Forage. While operative for kitchens around Madison, Correa also farmed with Scott Williams during Garden to Be — one of a premier grill furnish suppliers in Dane County — where he detected a passion for flourishing nutritious dense, nutritive food.

“I satisfied flattering fast that we felt many over when we had my hands in a soil,” Correa says. He’s a chef-turned-farmer with a passion for soil. We became friends immediately.


photoPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
Build-your-own-bowls of Holistic Harvest spinach, lentils, honeyed potatoes, beets and other goodies alongside a quenching can of Forage’s Raspberry Kombucha.


It was a few months after that a genuine story suggested itself. Hamaker and Aschauer had let Correa work his report around his startup business, yet they motionless to go a bit offer in ancillary a immature businessman and employee. They motionless to deposit in him.

“The review about investing in a plantation was arrange of a fun during first,” Correa says. “Doug was eating a salad during work one day and asked me what it would it take to get greens like this [from my farm] year-round. we started revelation him about a need for a hothouse or hoop residence to grow [greens] during a colder months.”

When Hamaker replied — “Well, let’s get a hoop house!” — Correa laughed and changed behind to his work, yet a review continued. Hamaker and Aschauer concluded to yield a money for Correa to squeeze a hoop house, and he could compensate it behind in furnish grown for a grill over a subsequent several years.

One of a largest issues for young, commencement farmers, alongside entrance to farmland, is entrance to capital. It’s tough adequate to start a business, no reduction a tillage operation, yet though years of experience, it can be subsequent to unfit for farms to secure normal financing for essential infrastructure, including coolers, tractors, buildings and greenhouses.


photoPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
Farmer and Forage Kitchen prepare Jon Correa delivers totes filled with greens to a grill on his days “off.” At right, spinach is being harvested alongside beds of lettuce mix, baby kale and arugula.

When we ask Hamaker and Aschauer about their preference to financial a vital squeeze for Correa’s business, they brush off any slur of munificence on their part. “A good partial of a preference was for a benefit, don’t forget,” Aschauer says. “We’re means to offer some-more of Jon’s furnish out of a grill since of a hoop house. And Jon [grows] some of a best furnish we have ever seen.”

It took a full year for Correa and Mullis to build a hoop residence while they both worked part-time during other jobs. The integrate produces on a half-acre in a city of Sharon in southeastern Wisconsin, and zoning ordinances supposing a few bumps in a rouad via a building process. The structure was finished this past Feb and Correa is only entrance off his initial open of abounding greens. The space has now incited to summer production. Tomato and cucumber vines stand skyward where a primitive beds of greens once resided.   


photoPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
After a year of operative around internal building ordinances and cobbling together hours outward of plantation work and off-farm jobs, Jon Correa and Stephanie Mullis of Holistic Harvest got their hoop residence built. This initial planting of greens was joyous.


Correa’s thankfulness to Forage is endless. “When you’re flourishing on a tiny scale [like we are], each in. is profitable space. Having a ability to extend a deteriorate by a few months allows us to cycle some-more stand by a same space and beget some-more income though a need for some-more land.”

You can find Holistic Harvest on a menu during Forage Apr by November, yet Correa hopes to get greens flourishing in his hoop residence some-more months out of a year. In further to offered indiscriminate to Forage, Holistic Harvest also sells during a Eastside Farmers’ Market on Tuesday nights as good as a Box Burlap Farmers’ Market off Highway 15 in Delavan on Friday mornings. Holistic Harvest’s CSA for 2018 is now full, yet keep an eye out for open 2019 openings.

photoPhoto by Lauren Rudersdorf
A elementary salad from Forage Kitchen lets internal greens shine.

Aschauer and Hamaker demeanour brazen to a destiny when a group can grow a Forage Kitchen judgment via Madison and implement even some-more of Correa’s produce. “Jon has so many guarantee and such a clever enterprise to be a best rancher he can probable be.” Aschauer says. “He has such an distilled unrestrained when he speaks about farming.”

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