Flower & Garden Festival: 25 Years Of Blooms

April 17, 2015 - garden totes

This weekend downtown Leesburg becomes a six-block showcase of all associated to a garden.

It is a 25th anniversary of a Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival, that has grown from a village bid to attract some-more people downtown to turn a county’s largest annual event.

On-street preparations began Thursday when Parks and Recreation staff members noted off businessman counter spaces along Market, King and Cornwall streets. The vaunt area will be sealed to trade starting during 5:30 p.m. Friday to concede landscapers and vendors to start set up. Streets will re-open to motorists by 9 p.m. Sunday.

By Saturday morning’s festival opening during 10 a.m., a whole area is remade into colorful brew of vendors, landscapers, musicians for immature and old, a booze and drink garden and copiousness of food vendors. Set opposite a backdrop of Leesburg’s ancestral downtown, a festival also offers visitors a fun of checking out a heterogeneous tiny shops and restaurants in a heart of town.

From a beginning days—when internal downtown merchants and business people initial recognised a thought of a festival as a approach to pull people to a downtown shops—the eventuality has had clever business support. Whether it’s in financial support—this year’s festival sponsors are headed by Loudoun Medical Group—or in-kind donations such as charity business parking lots for vendors to use or bureau space for Parks and Recreation staff operations, a business village gives profitable support.

The festival signals a acquire to spring—much indispensable after a bitterly cold winter. If a predictions of continue forecasters infer true, ideal open continue could move out record crowds.

There will be something for everyone—from critical gardeners to those simply looking for a good place to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s plants we want, or garden stem furniture, bird houses and sprinklers or garden art and statuary, apparatus and supplies, a festival is certain to have it. Perhaps a many profitable charity during a festival doesn’t go home in a bag. The landscaping displays offer tons of ideas for your possess backyard garden pattern improvements and there’s no miss of experts on palm to yield indispensable garden tips.

The festival this year is concurrent by 3 Parks and Recreation staff members—Deputy Parks and Recreation Director Kate Trask and Events and Community Outreach Manager Linda Fountain, both of whom have endless festival experience, and Cheryl Behrens, a new events coordinator, who has thrown herself into her initial vital pursuit for a city with gusto.

To applaud a 25th anniversary, a purple and china design will be used in several plantings dotted around a vaunt area, and signage during any of a 13 opening points. Trask also promises “a few surprises.” Other facilities embody a special 25th anniversary festival trademark etched on eyeglasses used for booze and drink tastings and displayed on giveaway receptacle bags. Visiting children can get proxy tattoos of a trademark during a Kids Stage.

A pivotal underline this anniversary year is a display on Sunday by WTOP Garden Editor Mike McGrath on a special theatre behind a Leesburg Today building during 19 N. King St.

The landscapers, who will emanate tiny gardens from a unclothed pavement, sojourn a educational and musical heart of a festival. Seasoned horticulturists will arrange a tip 3 displays regulating a extensive rating system. One of a many energetically expected opportunities in a festival is for visitors to carillon in with their possess views of a best display—often a choice utterly opposite from that of a judges—in a People’s Choice award. The 2014 awards, however, saw a singular concord of choice—River’s Edge Landscapes won both Best Overall Presentation and a People’s Choice awards.

There will be copiousness of food vendors and dual opening stages, one for girl activities on Cornwall Street and another for acoustic song on a building lawn.

Festival visitors are asked to leave their pets during home. Any dogs concomitant their owners contingency be leashed, and contingency be supposing with copiousness of water. Visitors are reminded to wear gentle boots and clothing.

There is no entrance fee, though a concession of $3 is requested to assistance equivalent a cost of a event. Hours are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday.

There will be copiousness of parking accessible during Ida Lee Park, and shuttles will run invariably from a park to Church Street.

For some-more information, hit 703-777-1368 or go to www.flowerandgarden.org.

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