First-time village garden a ‘growing’ regard during Peace Memorial

April 28, 2017 - garden totes

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Volunteers (from left) Dave Skala, Ray Kujawa and Rich Lisak Jr. transport an assembled, lifted garden bed to a entertainment area during Peace Memorial Church in Palos Park. Kujawa’s great-grandfather was one of 13 strange assemblage members, dating behind to 1886. Kujawa’s granddaughter is now a sixth era of a family to go to a church.


There’s a patch of weed on a drift of Peace Memorial Church in Palos Park that is unfailing for many incomparable things.

The 30-foot by 80-foot plot, now only an artless widen of mud with a weed removed, is being prepared for a village garden that will yield a collect of fruits, vegetables and flowers for internal residents who’d like to get their hands dirty.

And a invitation is open for anyone from a village to explain a planting space and practice their immature thumbs. A tiny price is compulsory for any space.

“People don’t have to be a member of a church to be a member of a community,” pronounced garden plan proffer Cheryl Puhr.

“We’re perplexing to get a word out that we have a village garden and everybody is welcome,” pronounced associate proffer Cindy White.

The plantings will not be placed directly into a mud during belligerent level, however. Last weekend, Puhr, White and during slightest a dozen additional volunteers took advantage of nearby picture-perfect open continue to measure, cut, drill, arrange and receptacle 25 lifted planting beds that will be set into a belligerent during opposite levels.

Beds measuring 2-feet by 8-feet will mount approximately 36 inches above a belligerent while beds measuring 4-feet by 8-feet will mount approximately 24 inches above a ground. Five will be handicapped-accessible, pronounced plan coordinators. All will be filled with nice soil, prepared to accept plantings. No perennials or invasive class will be allowed. The paths between a beds will be lonesome with mulch.

Kathleen Krauss is a authorized master gardener and a naturalist who will have an critical purpose during a Peace Memorial Church village garden, essentially focusing on education.

“(The gardeners) can’t use insecticides or pesticides,” she said, “and manure contingency be approved.”

Krauss, who perceived her training by a University of Illinois Extension, pronounced “I was in nursing for over 20 years and now I’m doing what we love.”

“She’s a mud master!” called out Bruce Puhr playfully as he strode by on a approach behind to a work station.

Krauss concurred a flightiness and explained a disproportion between mud and soil, from her perspective.

“Dirt is what happens after we play in a soil,” she said.

Krauss pronounced a preparation that will be offering to a village gardeners includes information about a topics:

  • Pests, profitable and non-beneficial
  • How to make a many of a space
  • Seed-sharing
  • Beekeeping and pollinating
  • Food safety
  • The watershed model, that illustrates what homeowners do to their lawns has an outcome on a environment.

Each gardener with a bed will accept a bucket filled with informational literature.

Peace Memorial assemblage members have participated in a accumulation of free efforts over a years, including Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity and more, according to Cheryl Puhr.

“We’re always looking for something of use to do,” she said. “We hadn’t finished something (a chartable project) for a while and we were brainstorming ideas.”

Those brainstorming sessions led to a village garden project.

“There’s one in Orland though there’s no village garden anywhere in this area,” pronounced Puhr. “When we speak to friends and family, even from outward a church, they all contend ‘That’s so cool!’”

Registration is already underway and a beds are accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $15 for a smaller-sized bed and $30 for a incomparable bed. The central opening planting is expected for Mothers Day weekend, May 13 and 14.

Peace Memorial Church is located during 10300 W. 131st St., Palos Park. More information might be performed by job a church bureau during (708) 448-7833 or emailing
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