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February 6, 2018 - garden totes

Fig + Goat, a tiny business formed in Allen, was launched about a year ago by Rebekah Relander. Fig + Goat sells dual things Rebekah is ardent about and they both incorporate food. 


Photo by Cori Baker

Veggie T-shirts

Rebekah’s dual immature daughters, who adore given to their garden, enthuse Rebekah. Being a creative, she designed a t-shirt line that focuses on flourishing and eating vegetables. The witty shirts underline sayings like “We got a beets”, “Lettuce have bravery and kindness” and “Peas, Love, and Carrots.”  


Rebekah Jane Photography

“I only thought, ‘What if we could wear a complacency they get from their garden?’” Rebekah says. “The thought sprouted and grew from there.”

There are 4 opposite t-shirt designs, and a “Homegrown Momma” style, as good as farmer’s marketplace totes. 

Gathering Boards

While a veggie tees are a consistent for Fig + Goat, Rebekah also enjoys removing artistic in a kitchen. This past fall, Rebekah was desirous to emanate tradition “gathering boards” (also famous as charcuterie boards, though entertainment is much easier—and cuter—to say) that span good with booze and friends. These play are ideal for foodies and those wanting to turn some-more of a foodie. 

Beyond a standard charcuterie boards, Fig + Goat’s play have a “pairing menu” of  specialty-sourced, farm-fresh items. Rebekah likes to use internal tender sugar comb, uninformed figs and fruits, nuts, berries, meats, cheeses, crackers and Jenkins Jellies, a celebrity-favorite line of organic jellies.

For guests, a entertainment residence can be overwhelming, so people eat a square of cheese and stay inside their comfort zone. Rebekah provides personal menus for any residence with suggested pairings so everybody can feel assured while formulating a ideal bite. Brie and  Fiery Fig spread; prosciutto and a amiable cheddar; seeded mustard and salami: only some of her favorite flavors. Follow her suggestions and we won’t bewail it.


Photo by Cori Baker

The Perfect Party

These play are works of culinary art. Putting together a residence with singular and peculiarity ingredients, and a pleasing presentation, isn’t easy. Rebekah is constantly researching a best brands and newest products. No one wants to travel aimlessly around in a grocery store wondering if they’re removing a best code of brie. She also delivers it your residence ready-to-serve. 

“It’s all in a flattering presentation, a delicious, artfully-selected fare, and of march a ease,” says Karen McWilliams, a Fig + Goat patron and Allen resident. “The play are a core of attention, typically devoured by party’s end, and I’m a stewardess with a mostess.”

All sizes are served on wooden slicing boards. If we wish to keep it we can, or only rinse it off, and put it behind in a box on your front doorstep. It will “magically disappear” a following day.

The play are ideal for holiday gatherings, open houses, corporate gatherings and happy hours.

From a web site, business select possibly small, middle or vast play of seasonal, farm-fresh transport that is hand-selected and artfully organised by Rebekah. Prices operation from $64 to $234, though some competence contend a knowledge of a entertainment residence is priceless. 

Cori BakerCori Baker is a publisher and photographer formed in Plano, Texas. Cori is an alumna of Plano Senior High School and graduated from a University of Texas during Austin with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a teenager in business.

Cori has worked as an novice for KUT Radio, Austin’s NPR associate station, a photographer for Reporting Texas, and is now a Creative Assistant during a Plano Profile. Her work has been featured on Reporting Texas, Orange Magazine, Plano Profile, and a Austin American-Statesman.

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