// Feb. 20 drum derby ‘Love Smack’ determines teams for Dockyard Derby Dames’ Season 10 championship bout

February 25, 2016 - garden totes

A gratifying atmosphere reigned as a Women’s Flat Track Derby Associated Dockyard Derby Dames (Tacoma’s drum derby league) came together for “The Love Smack” on Feb. 20. Featuring 4 teams contesting in dual bouts, “The Love Smack” noted a miracle as a DYDD’s 10th deteriorate rolls toward a zenith, a May 14 joining championship bout.
Leading adult to derby time, food and sell vendors plied their trade as families and groups of fans filtered into a stands of Pierce College, Steilacoom’s atmospheric gymnasium. Folks staid into place with popcorn, donuts, hotdogs and trays of things smothered in fiery cheese. At group tables, skaters were offered T-shirts, totes, buttons and stickers. The drink garden, or “party pier,” was abuzz with spectators parched for a internal brews. The Point Defiance Pirates, along with group mascots and escutcheon of bats, skulls and shamrocks, done a clear visible backdrop as a skaters of a prosaic lane went by their drills and warm-up routines. They seemed as healthy and nimble on 8 wheels as many of us are on dual feet.
In a initial bout, DYDD’s Irish-themed Femme Fianna squared adult opposite a Throttle Rockets from Seattle’s Rat City Roller Girls. The hitch incited out to be a uncover of mastery by a Throttle Rockets who took a large lead early in a hitch and never looked back. The feisty gladiators of a Gaelic squad, however, did not go down though a fight. Femme Fianna put adult a insurgency all a approach to a sour end.
At usually 6 mins into a bout, a Throttle Rockets ordered a 46 to 7 lead. This grew to an indomitable 106 to 13 lead mid by a initial period. Just before a finish of a initial period, Rocket jammer Evergreen Jean (44) (who was named a Rockets’ MVP jammer of a game) went on a 20-point rampage. After an opening onslaught opposite a Fianna’s Slainbow Brite (1221), Evergreen Jean pennyless giveaway of a container to take lead jammer position and swept around a lane to work her approach by formations of blockers. Utilizing a backward, spinning move, Evergreen Jean again fake through, collecting points as she went. When Fianna jammer Slainbow Brite was relegated to a chastisement box, Evergreen Jean took advantage of a energy jam and raked in a points.
The second duration of a hitch brought some-more of a same. Adding insult to injury, there was an officiating debate in a seventh jam of a period. The Fianna’s machiavellian jammer Paulie Pocket Knife (XOX) was scoring points as lead jammer and afterwards attempted to call off a jam though was prevented from doing so as she was relegated to a chastisement box. That left hostile jammer Ethel Vermin (77) giveaway to reap a whopping 22 points during a energy jam.
In a end, a Throttle Rockets racked adult a whopping 267 points to a Femme Fianna’s 118. The outcome can't be good for a Fianna’s certainty notwithstanding that they have already clinched a mark in a May 14 championship bout.
The second hitch of a night was radically a playoff to establish who will accommodate a Femme Fianna for a deteriorate 10 championship. The Trampires met a Marauding Mollys in an uniformly matched contest. The Trampires drew initial blood. From there, however, a lead went behind and onward by a initial duration and into a second. There were a dozen lead changes and twice a measure was tied. The Mollys would have fantastic moments like Booty Trapp’s (56) bagging of 15 points during a energy jam in a ninth jam of a initial period. In a really subsequent jam, a Trampires’ Acid Hole (406) answered by harvesting 14 points for her barbarous crew.
The 10th jam of a second duration valid pivotal to a outcome of a bout. The Trampires Boioioing (007) strike a lane in a energy jam conditions with dual of a Mollys relegated to a chastisement box. Boioioing proceeded to go on a tear, weaving her approach around a lane and violation things far-reaching open with a 34–0 jam, a top scoring jam of a night. If a lane were a pinball machine, any light would have been flashing like mad.
The Mollys fought valiantly though were never means to overcome a reversal of a 10th jam. Near a finish of a bout, a throng came to a feet when Mollys’ jammer Anita Hit Sum One (42) went on a warpath in a energy jam. Although she chalked adult 18 points, it was not adequate to overpass a opening and time ran out on a pirates in purple. The final total was 215 to 191 in preference of a Trampires.
The May 14 championship hitch will therefore array a 5-time champion Trampires opposite a Femme Fianna. In a halt there will be a Travel Team eventuality during DYDD home lane on Apr 2. For serve information on Dockyard Derby Dames revisit www.dockyardderbydames.com.
In additional derby news, Joint Base Lewis McChord’s Bettie Brigade is hosting a COG Blockers of a Bellingham Roller Betties Feb. 27 during Rollin’ 253.
For a brief authority on a manners of drum derby revisit Tacomaweekly.com.

The Rules of Roller Derby in Brief

Women’s prosaic lane drum derby is conjectural to be a fastest flourishing competition in a U.S. Its contemporary avatar, not to be confused with a scripted, televised philharmonic of a 1950s, 60s and 70s, started in Austin, TX in 2000 and has widespread like wildfire opposite a nation and over a globe.
It is easy for a uninformed witness to locate on, so don’t fear attending a derby bout. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The elementary manners are created in a few paragraphs in a hitch program. Read these and afterwards keep your eye on a skaters with stars on their helmets. You’ll shortly be pensive in a movement as a competition unfolds. The competition is elementary adequate to locate on quickly, nonetheless formidable adequate that a seasoned fan can conclude a vital depth.

Here are a basics. In drum derby a diversion consists of dual teams of 4 blockers and one jammer, a indicate scorer. The diversion starts with blockers skating tighten together in front – a pack.
The jammers contingency initial competition to get by a pack, during that time no points can be scored on this round, though a lead jammer position can be established. After a lead jammer is determined they will continue to competition around a lane a second time and try to get by a container again. The jammers are means to measure one indicate for any competition they pass though they contingency stay within a track’s end and not get any penalties. Each “jam” can final for dual mins or until a lead jammer calls off a jam by putting her hands on her hips. Usually a jammer will measure 4 points any time they make it by a container and 5 points if she passes a other jammer (a underline famous as a grand slam).

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