Fashion, Once Again, Tries To Make Trash Bags Chic

February 23, 2016 - garden totes

Christopher Kane has a Midas touch. Where he goes, conform follows. And for his fall/winter 2016 collection, things were no different. The garments sent down a runway were a ideal The Secret Garden-meets-Twin Peaks-meets-Grey Gardens mix (a contingent that works surprisingly good together); they were individualist and genteel, and desirous by an doubtful muse: hoarders (which only competence explain a rabble bag-like babushkas tied around many of a models’ heads).

The initial square — a rather sculptural camel cloak — belied a rest of a show’s quirky offerings. It was a collection filled with textures — sheepskins, furs, feathers, silks, plastics — and colors aplenty. Painted roses suggestive of Alma-Tadema’s “The Roses of Heliogabalus” were printed onto sleeveless, floor-sweeping gowns husky with forked brogues or feathered heels; large, army-green tweed coats and gray shearlings were styled to seem both unsentimental and decadent; edging peeked out from underneath brusquely painted, husky silk dresses in primary shades, formulating moments of astonishing sexiness.

Then, there were certain equipment and decorations that popped adult everywhere: Leather came in a form of trousers, gloves, receptacle bags, and dresses in bare and black; floral corsages and maypole-style ribbons were messily organised over a accumulation of frocks and tops; and many models wore clearly waterproof headscarves (resembling cosmetic bags). Though this isn’t a initial time conform has attempted “trash couture” (see: Kane’s possess spring 2014 show, as good as Lanvin’s), we do conclude the some-more unsentimental use (read: not as a square of ready-to-wear, though some-more as a wearable umbrella). Somehow, Kane always manages to absolutely hover commercialism and artistic credibility, and this collection works (even if those garbage-bag conduct protectors don’t).

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