Farmers’ Market Shopping with Salad for President’s Julia Sherman

December 19, 2014 - garden totes

The produce-obsessed blogger uses recipes as a approach to tell illusory stories

December 18, 2014


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Julia Sherman competence be a world’s initial dedicated salad blogger. Her website, Salad for President, is a discriminating food blog, full with flattering cinema and facilely stylish subjects, though it’s also a heart for storytelling. For Julia, salad is both a passion and a middle in that to mangle down amicable barriers. To date, Salad for President (which launched in 2012 and began posting some-more frequently in 2013) has collected hundreds of salad recipes from friends and strangers, any one laid out on a blog with photos, a recipe, and a brief underline about her guest salad-maker.

“Pretty most everybody has a salad that they make that they’re unequivocally unapproachable of,” she says as we wander down Arizona Avenue during Wednesday’s Santa Monica Farmers Market. “Salad can be as elementary or as difficult as we want, so I’m always repelled when someone doesn’t have a salad.”

Julia’s visiting from Brooklyn and has scheduled salad dates roughly each day she’s here. Her subsequent guests, Davida Nemeroff and Mieke Marple of Night Gallery, don’t have a salad recipe, that is because Julia’s marketplace receptacle is full of persimmons, pea tendrils, yuzu, and finger limes. Eventually, those mixture will entrance on Salad for President alongside photos of Davida, Mieke, and a Night Gallery space. It won’t be a initial time that Julia has pinch-hit for her guests, though it’s rare. “Most people move their A-game,” she says.

Julia is an artist. Before she perceived her MFA during Columbia, she attended a Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles, that explains because so many of a salads on her blog come from L.A.’s artistic class. Her guest operation from Pizzanista’s Price Latimer Agah to pattern all-stars Lizz Wasserman and Isaac Resnikoff of The Project Room. A new post with Claire Evans of a rope Yacht highlighted a vegan musician’s affinity for nasturtium leaves and nutritive yeast. One of Julia’s favorite posts facilities internal singer incited conform engineer Claire Stansfield, whose career has taken her from a set of Xena: Warrior Princess to conceptualizing a interiors of Suzanne Goin’s restaurants (including a overwhelming reconstitute of AOC).

Salad for President’s vital mangle came final summer when Julia commissioned a salad garden on a roof of MoMA PS1, a contemporary art museum in Queens. The rooftop garden spawned salad pot lucks and a array of salads done by artists whose work was in a exhibition. She hopes to move a salad garden to a Los Angeles establishment subsequent summer. “The reason I’m meddlesome in flourishing food in a museum context is that it’s a place that people are entrance already with an open mind and awaiting to ask questions,” she says. “People feel unequivocally uncertain when they go to a museum and it was only unequivocally lovely to see people emerge on a roof during PS1 and be so relieved to see salad.”

We postponement during Coleman Family Farms’ stand, a lettuce lover’s paradise, and Julia spots a pale, tolerably spikey garland of lettuce leaves. Was it cardoons? Celtuce? “Sword lettuce,” interjects Delia Coleman, strictly stumping a salad blogger. “It’s a Taiwanese lettuce. You can eat it tender or saute it with chile and sesame oil.”

Julia’s internal farmers’ marketplace is in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, where tables of beets and rutabaga are a normal this time of year. When she visits L.A., that is sincerely often, she’s drawn to mixture she can’t find during home. “I am wholly driven by what looks crazy or cool, or things that are a uncanny figure or a uncanny color,” she says. Just moments later, we occur on a acorn-shaped Tamopan persimmons during Windrose Farm and Julia can’t conflict holding one home. “I feel likewise walking by a farmers’ marketplace as we do when going by a unequivocally good exhibit….like holy s**t, how did we not know about this?”


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