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June 13, 2015 - garden totes

People come to Homer each year to have some kind of vacation adventure. There is always something for a brave down during a Homer Farmers Market. 

If we are an brave grower, go forward and try some okra, peppers or tomatillo, even watermelon or cantaloupe starts for your greenhouse. Or maybe we should try groundcherries.  Over during a Music Garden booth, Lindianne will set we adult with these kin of a tomato that are honeyed to eat and grow like crazy here in a greenhouses.

Maybe we are an brave chef.  Try out a 6 opposite kinds of mints or 3 opposite kinds of thyme we can get from Colleen during Arctic Rose Herbs’ counter or any of a innumerable charity of spices around a Market. 

Or maybe you’ll be tempted by a outrageous blue oyster mushrooms during a Fritz Creek Fungi counter or even by their fungus parent to grow your own.

Maybe we only have brave ambience buds. Try out all a opposite flavors of kombucha during a Market trimming from ginger pineapple and strawberry packet to immature tea rhubarb and furious currants, salmonberries and blueberries. 

And there are always opposite toppings for a doughnuts to try.

Even a producers can be adventurous. Robert Heimbach had his totes full final week already with broccoli and cucumbers. Knowing how early those plants had to be planted to be already producing during this time of a year, we all can see how most Robert was peaceful to pull a pouch this spring.

Of march a Market has something for everyone, so even those who could use some new ideas for how to use all these veggies can get a hand.  Lori Jenkins of Synergy Gardens is returning for a third year of heading a Chef during a Market array from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. This weekend she will be demonstrating how to make colorful salads with all a opposite things available, including a far-reaching array of greens as good as pea shoots and flower blossoms and her famous garlic-lemon dressing.

So conduct on down this Saturday to a Market from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Ocean Drive and see what journey waits for you.

Kyra Wagners is a executive of Sustainable Homer and a Homer Farmers Market’s biggest fan.

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