Emily Paine Carter: Doris Kinzie, 93, recommends we all ‘keep on’

January 21, 2015 - garden totes

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emily 012115 ss p01

Doris Kinzie, 93, keeps utterly a gait with a full report of activities any week.

Photo by Emily Paine Carter, special to So Salem

Posted: Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 6:00 am

Emily Paine Carter: Doris Kinzie, 93, recommends we all ‘keep on’

Fellow slackers, ready to be shamed. Or maybe even inspired:

Doris mows her yard. She gardens. She totes firewood. She sings in a church choir. She works out 3 times a week.

Doris is 93.

And she smiles via those practice sessions — and substantially via her whole day.

Petite Doris Kinzie keeps utterly a pace. If a word “spry” didn’t already exist, we would emanate it to report her.

I’ve watched her scuttle from one practice hire to another during Curves-for-Women, where her splendid laugh silently reminds me to quit pouting. Doris pronounced she has racked adult over 1,000 hours on those aptness machines. She used to travel to Curves’ prior plcae during Spartan Square until it changed to downtown Salem, so now she gets a float there.

When we chatted on a phone, she had only finished relocating a raise of firewood  brought by a son-in-law  to her garage and behind porch.

A son-in-law also plows her unfeeling garden. But afterwards she herself plants and gathers and freezes and cans a bounty. She’s gratified to grow strawberries, too.

Singing in her Green Hill Church of a Brethren choir is a suggestive joining any week (and even a bit some-more exercise). Doris also sang in a three-church Christmas cantata.

At one time, she taught facile propagandize song in Danville  and she still plays a piano some. “I graduated from Radford College,” she said. “Boones Mill was my home, and we taught second class there. After carrying kids, we suspicion it was critical to stay home with them.”

Now of march those 3 daughters are utterly grown: dual live locally; another is in North Carolina. In her neat home, Doris proudly showed photos of her 6 grandkids and 11 great-grandchildren. (The baby twin girls are generally precious.)

“And my sons-in-law are only as good to me as my possess kids,” she stressed.

We can note her reliable lessons: Doris keeps a beholden heart. And she keeps-on-keepin’-on: “Some people, if they have a small pain, they will only sit. But we need to keep on.”

Keep on, indeed. Come August, here’s to saying Doris applaud that 94th birthday.


Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 6:00 am.

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