Editors’ Picks: The TV.com Staff’s Top 10 Shows of 2014

December 22, 2014 - garden totes

Television was extremely good to us in 2014. How good? If we take a demeanour during a TV.com writers’ particular picks for a 10 best shows of a year, you’ll find that any person’s list is vastly opposite from a rest. And all a shows mentioned are shows that entirely merit a honor; it’s not like, “Oh my uncle was a sound mixer on The Mysteries of Laura, so we put it on my list.” we could’ve simply named 27 shows all by myself, nonetheless alas, we are a 10-based society, and so a formidable charge of tying ourselves was painfully endured by us all. But a outcome is an impossibly opposite array of estimable honorees, and we’d be calm to spend a holiday mangle marathoning any and any one of them.

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Cory Barker
Writer / Charter Member, Guilty Remnant

10. The Mindy Project
9. The Americans
8. Veep
7. Masters of Sex
6. Broad City
5. Mad Men
4. The Leftovers
3. The Good Wife
2. You’re a Worst
1. Transparent

Spotlight: You’re a Worst

Television’s required proceed to a regretful comedy is to drag out a “Will they or won’t they?” arc as prolonged as possible, traffic radically in foolish obstacles and over-emotional “breakthroughs” that are walked behind faster than a impression can contend “I adore you.” Stephen Falk’s You’re The Worst pennyless custom by carrying a regretful leads Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) sex any other adult as fast as possible, nonetheless also by permitting them to acknowledge their regretful hang-ups and neuroses usually as early. The ensuing random courtship concerned a lot of chaff nonetheless a unnecessary tension, and a fun of find nonetheless courtesy for stability. This isn’t usually a story about terrible people descending in adore and apropos reduction terrible; it’s a story about dual terrible people anticipating someone who’s equally miserable and amatory them for—and despite—it. What’s more, while giving us a best TV integrate of 2014 in Gretchen and Jimmy, You’re a Worst also delivered consistently humorous episodic plots involving smashing ancillary characters, and managed to tell compelling, infrequently truly relocating stories about Edgar’s (Desmin Borges) PTSD and Lindsay’s (Kether Donahue) buyer’s distress over settling down in a suburbs. For a uncover that’s radically about assholes removing it on, You’re a Worst certain has a lot to say. —Cory

Nick Campbell
Writer / The Yellow King’s Interior Decorator

10. How to Get Away With Murder
9. Pretty Little Liars
8. Gracepoint
7. Scandal 
6. Parenthood
5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
4. True Detective
3. Broad City
2. Mad Men
1. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

Spotlight: Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

In 2014, there were dual opposite people competing to be a one who many done we feel like an considerate pinch of dirt in a cold, bullheaded universe: True Detective‘s Rust “Time Is a Flat Circle” Cohle and a healthy successor of Carl Sagan’s “humans are nothing” legacy, Neil deGrasse Tyson. As a horde of Fox’s Cosmos, Tyson positively won out. Because while True Detective could confuse we from existential torpor with Alexandria Daddario’s GIFable scenes, Tyson Co. never pulled punches about a position in a universe, quite with courtesy to how insignificant we are in both time and space. There was also a lot of scholarship to learn, not to discuss some extraordinary visuals—education can be really pretty. And best of all, Cosmos was usually plain sparkling to watch, a good mangle from some-more formulaic television. If usually Seth MacFarlane would furnish something like Cosmos for any square of crap he puts his name on. Like a pop-culture munificent mission. —Nick

Andy Daglas
Writer / Synopsisbender

10. The Americans
9. Hannibal
8. Jane a Virgin
7. The Legend of Korra
6. Mad Men
5. The Good Wife
4. Arrow/The Flash
3. Bob’s Burgers
2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1. Enlisted

Spotlight: Enlisted

Enlisted was a warm, thoughtful, and waggish square of TV comedy, and we had to put it during a tip of my list given I’ll never get another possibility to put it on any list (thanks, Fox). Centering on 3 brothers stationed during a Florida Army bottom (Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and unprotected comic haughtiness Parker Young), along with Keith David as their plain-spoken and machiavellian autocratic officer/father figure, Enlisted wore a heart on a sleeve even as Young frequently wore small else. The uncover drew a executive relations with conspicuous abyss and clarity for a beginner sitcom, while also substantiating a pointy and particular ensemble. That we could see how fast it was sappy over a march of a singular deteriorate creates a termination all a some-more painful. But a 13 episodes we did get from co-creators Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce were some of a funniest to atmosphere in 2014. —Andy

Noel Kirkpatrick
Writer / Darkness during Noon Superfan

10. Orange Is a New Black
9. Broad City
8. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
7. Kill la Kill
6. Rectify
5. Adventure Time
4. The Honorable Woman
3. Ping Pong: The Animation
2. Hannibal
1. The Good Wife

Spotlight: The Honorable Woman

There are so many layers to this BBC Two/SundanceTV miniseries. There’s a expostulate to settle assent in a Israeli-Palestinian dispute by entrance to technology. There are a business and domestic exchange that undercut that expostulate during any turn. There are a personal intrigues as a characters come to grips with their imagined, actual, and abdicated responsibilities to any other, those around them, and people they had no thought they had wronged. There’s a aged spymaster looking to save his career and his personal life in one fell swoop. It’s retaining and twisty-turny things created and destined by Hugo Blick, and it skilfully alternates between a large design of a bullheaded inlet of a dispute and a personal tolls pronounced conflict takes on those who wish to “fix” it. Led by Maggie Gyllenhaal in a nuanced and unsettling opening as a season’s many constrained and engaging antihero, The Honorable Woman shows there are no winners in this struggle, let alone honest people; there are usually those who remove some-more and those who remove less. —Noel

Price Peterson
Writer / Noted Catamaran Thief Trusted Purveyor of Catamarans

10. The Comeback
9. Transparent
8. The Walking Dead
7. Homeland
6. The Originals
5. American Horror Story: Freak Show
4. The Heart, She Holler
3. Game of Thrones
2. The Leftovers
1. Teen Wolf

Spotlight: Teen Wolf

While everyone’s off debating a merits of apportion vs. quality, here’s a question: Why not BOTH? In 2014 Teen Wolf brought us TWO seasons of greatness. From a stupidity and darkness-drenched Season 3B—which saw a heroes battling a Nogitsune and examination their possess ranks heartbreakingly diminish—to Season 4’s desirous rebuilding bid full of mouthless assassins and untamed coyote girls, Teen Wolf was as inexhaustible and resourceful as any uncover on television. Even nonetheless some plotlines didn’t quiiite hold or compensate off as we expected, a uncover still boasts a arrange of heated stupidity that feels somehow punk stone in an age of prestigious nonetheless tedious wire series. And usually in box there was any remaining doubt that Teen Wolf has finally changed past a initial comparisons to Twilight, this year a uncover had a insolence to kill off a womanlike regretful lead in one of a many intolerable and slashing moments to date. There was a time when Teen Wolf‘s value felt like a secret, a arrange of “us kids know” situation, nonetheless after 24 episodes of weird, funny, and touching calamity fuel, 2014 was a year that done everybody accept that Teen Wolf is a beast that won’t be denied. —Price

MaryAnn Sleasman
Writer / Went to Prom in a Stolen Car That One Time

10. Hannibal
9. American Horror Story: Freak Show
8. Halt and Catch Fire
7. Shameless
6. Suits
5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
4. Gotham
3. Mad Men
2. Supernatural
1. The Flash

Spotlight: The Flash

Oh man, where to start? Is it a fact that Barry Allen is a tellurian puppy dog? Or that Dr. Wells is so deliciously immorality that we indeed crow with sinful joviality any time he appears on my TV screen? Or maybe it’s a small participation of Jesse L. Martin, whose Law Order certification seem to give a untimely Central City PD an atmosphere of legitimacy (not to discuss he’s usually awesome). Actually, it’s all of a above plus a fact that The CW’s take on The Flash avoids being cheesy (except for when it wants to be), and a seamless approach that this newbie array slides right into a smoothness determined by Arrow. And a special effects are surprisingly good, too! Everybody wins! —MaryAnn

Tim Surette
Senior Editor / Dome Survivor / Abel Teller’s P.O.

10. True Detective
9. Broad City
8. Review
7. Person of Interest
6. The Missing
5. Rectify
4. Manhattan
3. The Americans 
2. Fargo
1. Game of Thrones 

Spotlight: Game of Thrones

Ummmmmm, hello? Where is Game of Thrones on everyone’s list this year? Looking around a internet during other critics’ best-of-2014 picks, it’s roughly as if what happened in Westeros in Season 4 was nonetheless a dream. Did people forget that a hulk shot a large arrow a distance of your Christmas tree into a man and sent him drifting hundreds of feet into a air? Did a Purple Wedding and a dwarf-led summation of Seasons 1 by 3 shun a hold of people’s memories? Was a bloody and horrific quarrel between a Mountain and a Red Viper (and Ellaria’s successive scream) usually a fetish of my imagination? Did someone trip me some PCP, causing my mind to fashion Tyrion’s amazing, spittle-spewing courtroom speech? Did we conjure adult that considerable culmination with rugrats throwing fireballs during reanimated corpses? And hello, am we a usually one who saw DAARIO’S BUTT!?!? Sure, there was no Red Wedding to coax a million greeting videos, and now that Game of Thrones is in a fourth season, it’s no longer a array du jour, nonetheless 2014 brought us a show’s grandest and many considerable widen of episodes to date. Plus Shae died, that creates me 100 kinds of happy. All y’all who don’t consider Game of Thrones was one of a year’s best shows are crazy. This is because we have HDTVs!!! —Tim

Kaitlin Thomas
Associate Editor / Lead TV Facial Hair Expert

10. Playing House
9. Looking
8. Game of Thrones
7. Shameless
6. Jane a Virgin
5. Rectify
4. Fargo
3. Hannibal
2. The Americans
1. Veep

Spotlight: Looking

Looking is not a shrill show. It’s not going to make we pee your pants with laughter, and it’s never going to mangle Twitter or enthuse heated watercooler debates. But that’s accurately because it’s important. Looking is usually a still array about normal people. Set within a happy village of San Francisco, it uses a 3 leads—portrayed by Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett—to tell impossibly abounding and relatable stories about a notice of a universe and where we fit into it. All 3 group are during opposite stages of their lives, nonetheless they’re all acid for a same things, usually like a rest of us: happiness, success, and a clarity of purpose. The uncover has amusement and it’s got heart (Team Kevin!), nonetheless mostly it usually serves to remind us that everyone’s a same in a end. Looking usually has one womanlike array unchanging (Lauren Weedman, whose impression Doris rocks), and I’m not dumb adequate to trust that it will ever be supposed by a masses, nonetheless it tells fascinating stories within a specific context that eventually have a energy to ring with everyone—gay or straight. Also, Russell Tovey and a City by a Bay have never looked better. —Kaitlin

Jen Trolio
Managing Editor / Lifelong Member of a Midnight Society

10. @midnight
9. Trophy Wife
8. Playing House

7. Parks and Recreation
6. Orange Is a New Black
5. Silicon Valley
4. Game of Thrones
3. Veep
2. Fargo
1. The Americans

Spotlight: The Americans

Nearly any time we tell someone we work for TV.com and they ask me to advise a show, we roughly always advise The Americans. And by “suggest The Americans,” we meant “lavish The Americans with regard and petition people to watch.” I’m usually so tender by how good a uncover juggles so many opposite elements—the ’80s environment (and soundtrack!), a family drama, a view thrills, a mixed overlapping storylines. And I’m even more tender by how good a uncover remained in Season 2. The Americans returned for a sophomore bid with a large part that set a tinge for an heated run of episodes and never stopped lifting a stakes, culmination with a wonderful, startling culmination that’s left me impossibly vehement for Season 3. —Jen

Your turn! Let’s hear your possess list of a 10 best shows of 2014 in a comments.

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