Echo Park Craft Fair rising online store

December 12, 2014 - garden totes

After 5 years of assisting to build L.A.’s repute for towering handmade style, a Echo Park Craft Fair is going digital.

To coincide with a holiday eventuality this weekend during Mack Sennett Studios,  the satisfactory will be rising an e-commerce site to move artisinal L.A. to a world.

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“Our final satisfactory captivated 5,000 visitors,” says Echo Park Craft Fair co-founder Beatrice Valenzuela. “We had people entrance from Portland and San Francisco. It was a genuine wake-up. We satisfied it had turn a end and that it had intensity to be so most bigger.”

Over a years, a qualification satisfactory has featured hundreds of vendors, many of whom have left on to open their possess stores locally, including purse engineer Clare Vivier, quilting studio Hopewell Workshop and valuables labels Dream Collective and Gabriela Artigas. The eventuality has also helped to figure a made-in-L.A. cultured compared with a artistic communities of Los Feliz, Echo Park and Silver Lake that has been  embraced by a character cognescenti around a world.

When we consider qualification fair, we competence consider bad blown glass, breeze chimes and lead jewelry, yet a Echo Park Craft Fair offerings are decidedly some-more worldly and upscale, including  Heather Taylor’s rough-hewn linen list curtain with god’s eye elaboration ($160), Agnes Baddoo’s pleasingly-minimalist cream board and chocolate buffalo censor receptacle ($410) and Jessica Winzelberg’s double-drop stone opal earrings ($615).

Valenzuela, who has a line of handmade leather shoes, started a qualification satisfactory with weave engineer Rachel Craven to showcase things their friends were making. The initial eventuality was hold in a garden of Valenzuela’s Echo Park home, with folding tables, booze and cheese.

“We had a lot of friends creation pleasing things,” Valenzuela says. “But during that time, we all had genuine jobs, and were only formulating on a side. So many people came, and had a good time. So we kept carrying a events and bringing in some-more people. And eventually, it became a genuine business.”

“We were moving and pulling any other as a village of artists,” she explains.  “And now, those artists who started with us, this is what they do—without a real job. They’re following their passion.”

This weekend’s eventuality will be a largest yet, with 75 artists. When it comes to a preference of vendors, it’s eventually adult to Valenzuela and Craven. “It’s formed on a aesthetics,” Craven says. “Two artists from opposite backgrounds who are mothers and wish to be concerned in how things are done and how they will impact a family.”

Online, there will be a smaller sampling of crafts that will rotate, “to keep people concerned via a year,” Craven says. “So many people wish to be involved, yet we’re singular by a space of a market. Online, we can embody even some-more people. And it’s an opportunity, since maybe they can’t means a $500 entrance price for a fair, yet they can use a website as a height to start creation things.”

They are also deliberation featuring craftspeople from outward L.A. on their website.  “Our village now extends to Brooklyn and Minnesota … we’re all connected by amicable media,” Craven says.

But even yet a satisfactory is expanding online, and is not even hold in Echo Park any longer, they have motionless to hang with a name. “It’s how we started. When we had a initial event, we had 12 friends on my retard in Echo Park creation things,” Craven says. “It’s who we are.”

The Echo Park Craft Fair Holiday Event, Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Mack Sennett Studios, 1215 Bates Ave., Los Angeles.


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