‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan on because Americans have so many problems with their dogs

February 17, 2017 - garden totes

When we sat down with Cesar Millan progressing this week, he had usually finished a vocalization eventuality in town. we asked how it went. “In other places, we get a feeling we don’t belong,” he said, “so it can be severe to broach this summary in places like Los Angeles or New York.” That message? In roughly each case, it is you, not your dog, that’s a problem.

Millan, who spent a initial pivotal years of his life on a plantation in farming Mexico, primarily gained inflection as a dog behaviorist with his radio uncover “Dog Whisperer.” It ran for 9 seasons and stays in consistent revolution on Nat Geo Wild, where his newest show, “Dog Nation,” premieres Mar 3 and includes a shred shot in Chicago, where he and his son and co-host, Andre, assistance to open a dog park on a Southeast Side.

“I like a feeling here,” Millan pronounced of Chicago. “It’s unequivocally earthy, unequivocally grounded.”