Container gardening: Earthbox vs Rubbermaid Tote

March 9, 2015 - garden totes


Self watering containers super assign my garden. Which works better, however, store bought or DIY?

Self watering containers are great. They assistance plants grow in so many ways I’m certain I’ll skip a few: SWCs are forgiving about remembering to supplement water, they assistance feverishness and reason a dirt a few degrees warmer than ambient, they revoke a risk of weeds and make harassment government easier and they revoke a need to feed or fertilize your plants.

Basically, a self watering enclosure is only a pot on tip of a vast H2O fountainhead with a wick in-between them. The many respected/loved blurb various is as an EarthBox. we use several of them. They are GREAT. The cosmetic is all molded to fit a box exactly, it does accurately what it is designed for. EarthBox is done out of UV resistant, food-safe cosmetic and we can not enrich it enough. EarthBoxes cost, around $40-60 depending on a pack it comes with. I’ve related to their complete, organic, starter kit.

A renouned choice to spending $40 on a bottom pack is to build your possess with a Rubbermaid Roughneck tote. Making my possess cost around $20. People on internet forums, however, protest that Roughneck done SWCs don’t work as good as Earthboxes! This totally confuses me, things should grow only as good in either! I’ve never beheld a difference, though we was extraordinary and so we motionless to face them off.

If we wish to build your possess SWC, there are dozens of DIY instruction guides on a internet for creation them. My process is flattering tighten to this one. we used some dull gatorade bottles, vestige garden irrigation siren and other left over materials to assistance keep costs low.

For a experiment, this year, we set adult an EarthBox and a Rubbermaid with matching dirt (Jason’s possess 50/50 peat/coir mix) and plant food, E.B. Stone’s Organic Sure Start, and plants. we took strawberries from 2 matching 6 packs and churned them up. we also combined 2 furious alpine strawberry plants my daughter and we came opposite hiking, we abducted dual runners.

The dual planters are right subsequent to any other, a innards are as matching as we can manage, and my Great Pyrenees has posted himself adult to ensure all a plants. We’ll see how it goes!

EarthBox 1010039 Organic EarthBox, Terracotta

EB Stone Organics Sure Start fertilizer

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