Community invited to come to a 40th Annual Seal Beach Arts & Crafts Faire

August 15, 2017 - garden totes

“The object will be shinning to acquire a day, Heigh-Ho come to a faire! All a stalls on a immature will be excellent as can be, with trinkets and treasures for we and for me, so it’s come then, immature folks and old, to a Faire in a honour of a morning!”

The lyrics of this aged Irish folk balance set a mood to accumulate kith, family and friends and come to a 40th Annual Seal Beach Arts Crafts Faire, sponsored by a Seal Bach Lion’s Club, Saturday, Sep 9, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, Sep 10, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eisenhower Park during a Pier. Arts and Crafts vendors, over 100 in total, will be there to arrangement their things of gigantic variety.

Would we like a handmade leather bag? Visit a Bohemian Rags booth. Does your imagination tend to colorful potion birdbaths, flowers and tabletop items? Carol’s Creations in Glass counter is there for we to behold. And if we covet a truly beautiful, singly fashioned art printed fabric receptacle bag, a OC High School of a Arts Oshop counter is for you! But don’t stop there. You’ve 100 or some-more booths to explore, and enjoying food, song and entertainment.

The artistic humanities everywhere and Seal Beach’s possess Gino Dominic Nardo, has been formulating design in a accumulation of mediums given 1974 and is celebrating his 25th year displaying his works during a Arts and Crafts Faire. He crafts a singular and minute artistic prophesy in a accumulation of ways, including paintings, drawings, three-dimensional pieces, multi-mediums, woodworking, potion and ceramics, vases, plates, bowls and artistic photography. “Recently,” Gino comments,

“I have been building my latest venture, successfully focusing on creation tradition systematic timber equipment that embody tables, mirrors, shelves, benches, mantels, scent burners, candle holders, cloak and pivotal chair holders, frames with tradition photos, marriage and garden arches and plant troughs. Most importantly, all these equipment are crafted with 25 and year-old Seal Beach Pier timber decking. I’ve found my business unequivocally adore carrying a square of Seal Beach story in their homes.”

Not usually is his a “must see” booth, though also stop by a Women’s Club of Seal Beach’s plant sale counter and collect adult a pleasing and healthy plant or dual to bedeck your home or garden. The Women’s Club, celebrating 94 years in a Seal Beach community, (in 2016, 81-members strong), continues to be committed to ancillary and compelling educational and county and free enrichment by proffer service. It’s a “win-win” during their booth!

Dare it be pronounced that it is not too early for Holiday shopping? The Seal Beach Arts Crafts Faire can perform your each present wish list. Heigh-Ho, come to a Faire!

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