Coffee, Craft Beer and Indie Art on Cowley Road in Oxford, England

September 27, 2016 - garden totes

When people revisit England, their trips mostly start or stop in London. Because a country’s sprawling collateral has adequate neighborhoods to fit a tastes of any form of traveler, Oxford, a city’s neighbor usually an hour west, mostly receives a bit of neglect, designated as a day-trip destination. But Oxford, best famous for a renowned university, boasts some-more than architectural tours and century-old pubs portion fish and chips. Just take a transport 15 mins off High Street to knowledge a best of a tiny city’s eccentric food, splash and party offerings on Cowley Road.

1. The Bear The Bean

Photo by Rachel Eubanks

This color-pop of a cafeteria non-stop usually over a year ago, charity locally-roasted coffee from Jericho Coffee Traders and Ue Coffee Roasters, affordable selected wardrobe and photography supplies. The shop’s tight-knit staff serves prosaic whites and pour-overs alongside candy from Cakesmiths, an award-winning coffeecake bakery. Sip on a crater of Kenyan Peaberry coffee while listening to tunes constructed by Bear on a Bicycle Records, a eccentric song tag run by a cafe’s 20-something owner, Jordan O’Shea. After perusing The Bear and a Bean’s preference of used books, receptacle bags and impertinent socks, check out their wall of postcards designed by Oxford-based artists. Whether we collect adult one of a shop’s tiny gifts or a span of high-waisted Levi’s, your commemoration will certainly kick anything we can find in a traveller traps on High Street.

2. Atomic Burger

If a Bear a Bean’s gluten-free brownies can’t utterly fill we up, a internal favorite usually a few doors down, Atomic Burger, will prove with a Man v. Food-style portions. Sit surrounded by taste raided from a Comic-Con attendee’s (parents’) groundwork and select from a menu of burgers named after cocktail enlightenment icons like Molly Ringwald and Dolly Parton.

3. Truck Store Records

truck store.jpg
Photo by Rachel Eubanks

Further down Cowley Road, you’ll find Truck Store Records, a well-stocked emporium on a goal to sell annals “to a vinyl-starved Oxford.” If you’re lucky, you’ll locate a internal rope on Truck Store’s tiny entertainment or an artist signing. The store also sells tickets to internal shows but charging a dark estimate cost (it’s usually a pound), so we can support Oxford’s song stage but floating your transport budget.

4. The Bullingdon

Oxford’s self-described “leading eccentric song venue” also calls Cowley Road home. Smaller in distance than a neighbor down a road, a O2 Academy 2 Oxford, The Bullingdon focuses some-more on internal and informal artists than a O2, a sequence of around 20 venues managed by a Academy Music Group. The Bullingdon also partners with Future Perfect to move tip furloughed artists to Oxford, so check online before we revisit to see who’s headlining.

5. Ultimate Picture Palace

thumbnail_oxford 3.jpg
Cowley Road print by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty

This eccentric cinema sits usually opposite a travel from The Bear The Bean and mostly works with internal filmmakers to showcase art combined right in Oxford. Established in 1911 as a Oxford Picture Palace, Ultimate Picture Palace is all we wish your area Regal cinema could be—a volunteer-run, single-screen entertainment display a brew of Cannes Film Festival favorites and cult classics.

6. Big Society

Big Society is one of a best spots in city to play ping pong or spin adult a organisation of friends for pub trivia. Take your collect from a best qualification drink preference in a city, featuring a wheat drink from Camden Town and a hoppy dark ale from Brixton Brewery. If a few pints get your munchies going, check out a bar’s food specials, like chili tacos or pulled pig sandwiches. Stop by during happy hour from 5 to 8 p.m. for a rum and coke boyant or pint of cider during two-thirds a price. Informal and affordable, Big Society does not disappoint.

7. The Library

Tucked divided toward a finish of Cowley Road you’ll find The Library, a loose pub where we can post adult in a backyard drink garden with a spin of boozy slushies or deteriorate persperate to a disco-themed DJ set in a bar’s groundwork venue.

8. Airbnb

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty

When it’s time to spin down, there are a series of pleasing Airbnbs right down a highway from all your favorite spots along Cowley. While accommodations in Oxford can typically cost a flattering penny (or should we say, pound), generally in high season, we can’t go wrong this 2-bed flat or this 3-bedroom apartment. Both airy, complicated spaces are located during a commencement of Cowley Road usually after we cranky Magdalen Bridge and come in around $150 or reduction per night (at time of publishing).

Rachel Eubanks (@rachel_eubanks) is a writer, photographer and amicable media manager now formed in Monteverde, Costa Rica, where she cooking beans and rice for 3 dishes a day and captures a informative practices of a tiny ecotourism city in a happiest nation on earth.

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