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February 19, 2017 - garden totes

The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce hold a monthly house of directors assembly Thursday during St. Andrew’s Village, White Township.


Board Chairman Joe Reschini welcomed new ex-officio member to a board. Former house member Sherry Renosky, Indiana Mall manager, earnings as an ex-officio, fasten new ex-officio member Jack Delaney Jr. with Delaney Auto.


Chamber President Jim Struzzi pronounced a cover total 3 new members and had 43 renewals in January, bringing a sum membership to 677. The cover will be rising a membership expostulate this spring.

Struzzi thanked everybody who attended a Chamber Business Expo Jan. 28 during a Indiana Mall. The cover distributed some-more than 1,000 receptacle bags. More than 60 businesses and organizations participated in this year’s expo.

“The eventuality was another good day for business-to-business and patron village connections,” Struzzi said. “We wish to appreciate a sponsors, a Indiana Mall, a media partners, a bands and musicians that played all day and everybody who came out to make a 2017 Business Expo a success.”

The cover also had a successful Business After Hours in partnership with a Indiana County Tourist Bureau.

The chingle was hold Jan. 25 during a new Hilton Garden Inn during IUP. More than 200 people attended, bringing good bearing to a hotel and C.H. Fields grill inside.

“We were happy to see such a good audience of support for a new hotel, that is a loyal item for Indiana County,” Struzzi said. “The value of hosting an after hours comes with a extensive advantage of removing people to your business.”

As a new feature, a cover is formulating promotional videos for businesses that horde Business After Hours. Videos from prior events can be also found on a chamber’s YouTube channel and on amicable media.

Struzzi pronounced a cover will horde a Regional Advocacy Coalition of Chambers on Apr 11 during a Kovalchick Complex. Led by a Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and a Allegheny Conference, a RACC is a intentional fondness of internal chambers of commerce around a 10-county segment of southwestern Pennsylvania. The purpose of a RACC is to teach legislators and regulators during all levels of supervision on issues that are critical to a common seductiveness of a region’s business community. The Indiana County cover is a member of a RACC along with 17 other chambers in a western Pennsylvania region.

“We are vehement to horde a RACC assembly here in Indiana County during a Kovalchick Complex to uncover off a many resources and opportunities here,” Struzzi said.

The date for a 2017 Indiana County Business Hall of Fame initiation cooking is set for Jun 8 during a Kovalchick Complex. The dusk of jubilee will start with an open bar during 5:30 p.m. followed by cooking and a initiation ceremonies during 6 p.m. Table and chair reservations are being supposed now as good as unite opportunities.

Early sponsors will get capitulation on a grave invitations that will be mailed in April. Individual seats are $75 and full tables of 10 are $725. Visit a Chamber website or call (724) 465-2511 to make reservations.


Joe Pittman with state Sen. Don White’s business pronounced as they start a state bill discussions, there is wish that personal income taxation revenues in Feb and Mar will be aloft than they were in a latter months of final year. These are traditionally improved months for revenues. Revenue projections had identified a hole of some-more than $2 billion reduction than anticipated.

“We aren’t awaiting them to miraculously block a gap,” Pittman said. “But they could make it easier.”

On a certain note, Pittman pronounced Gov. Tom Wolf’s due bill doesn’t have a narrow-minded tinge of a past dual years, yet there are still many issues that will order discussions.

Jonathan Longwill with state Rep. Dave Reed’s business echoed Pitman’s comments: “We’re saying a small some-more picturesque viewpoint on a budget,” he said. While there are no extended formed taxation increases, a due healthy gas separation taxation and other fees are areas of concern.

One of White’s concentration areas will try to residence high cost issues in a curative industry. Pittman pronounced there has been good transformation by a sovereign supervision to aim this problem, though some-more beginning is indispensable on a state level.


IUP President Mike Driscoll pronounced they are vehement about a success of a men’s and women’s basketball teams and speedy some-more people to come out and support these sparkling immature athletes.

Driscoll pronounced it was certain to see a administrator embody an boost in appropriations for a State System of Higher Education in a due budget.

“It’s a process matter when we are investing behind into state universities while in formidable times financially for a commonwealth,” he said.

Driscoll also felt a recently announced bid to reassess a state university complement was a step in a right direction. A consultant will start examining a complement and creation recommendations for improvements after this year. Driscoll pronounced that while IUP has ceaselessly looked for ways to urge and say a peculiarity educational knowledge for students, not all state complement universities have followed that model.

“Our wish is to have recommendations by this fall,” he said. “This is overdue and needed. The complement in a stream form is not sustainable.”

Fall enrollment for a arriving division is flat, that Driscoll pronounced is good given a tyro race is no longer declining. While IUP will have a vast comparison category graduating this spring, he feels they have incited a dilemma on dwindling enrollments.

Driscoll pronounced they have seen some teenager impacts on general enrollments due to a stream immigration policy, though pronounced altogether their general tyro race during IUP exceeds all other state complement schools combined.

The state complement is now in a employing freeze, that means there will be fewer new IUP employees in a community.

Robin Gorman with IUP pronounced they will start ticketing for derivation ceremonies this open for reserve reasons and to safeguard all students and their families have an eventuality to attend. There is still no charge. Each tyro will have 4 tickets guaranteed. Remaining tickets will be distributed around lottery in April. To learn more, revisit a IUP derivation website.

WyoTech is doing well, pronounced Arnold Thimons, executive of tyro success. Enrollment during a propagandize in Burrell Township increasing year over year in January.

“We are on a upswing during WyoTech,” Thimons said.

WyoTech recently had a career satisfactory with some-more than 80 employers from around a nation attending.


Gregg Van Horn, boss of a house of a traveller bureau, pronounced this Jun Indiana County will acquire some-more than 10,000 visitors as a ICSST/USSSA Fastpitch Softball contest earnings to a area.

“The 12th annual contest — hold over 3 apart weekends — provides an eventuality to showcase a whole county, a university and yield an mercantile impact to a area businesses that is immeasurable,” he said.

The traveller business has been operative with Indiana’s lead organizer, Tom Harley, and internal hotels to safeguard all visitors are welcomed and supposing with internal information to make their revisit one that will pierce attending staff and families behind for a lapse visit.

In respect of a 50th anniversary of a Indiana County Parks Trails, a Tourist Bureau is pity excerpts from a Parks Trails 50th anniversary booklet, in their Facebook postings.


Dave Brocious with a Marcellus Shale Coalition pronounced a needle continues to pierce in a right instruction for a appetite industry. Although commodity prices are still low, drilling supply depends continue to boost with 34 now in Pennsylvania, adult by 3 in December. In a tri-state area, there are 63 rigs, that is double a count from this time final year.

While Brocious expects 2017 to be a good year as a attention rebounds, he expects 2018 and 2019 to be even better. News of tube advancements and approvals bodes good for a altogether attention and mercantile impacts on a western Pennsylvania region.

Brocious pronounced a new proclamation of a Department of Environmental Protection capitulation for a Sunoco Logistics tube that will run by southern Indiana County is a extensive step forward.

“This is large news for a region,” he said. “We are starting to see progress. If we can get these going, we’ll see a sputter outcome come behind to a region.”

Indiana County Development Corporation President Jim Wiley pronounced a enrichment of a Sunoco tube will have a approach advantage on Indiana County’s economy. The Texas-based association constructing a tube by Indiana County has been leasing a Route 119 Business Park in a Coral-Graceton area. Once construction begins, it is approaching to emanate 300 to 400 proxy jobs and potentially 50 permanent positions.


Byron Stauffer, executive executive of a Indiana County Office of Planning and Development, pronounced he has been operative with state inaugurated officials to allot some-more than $700,000 for internal highway and overpass alleviation projects.

They are also looking during additional infrastructure improvements including rail lines to emanate improved opportunities for manufacturing. Upcoming meetings are being designed for a due walking overpass over Route 22 and other projects.


The Indiana County Center for Economic Operations will again offer as a gold unite for a National Center for Defense Machining and Manufacturing Summit in May during Chestnut Ridge Resort. The limit brings invulnerability attention and manufacturers from around a nation to Indiana County. The cover will also be attending. Along those same lines, CEO member will be attending some-more trade shows and conferences to attract new businesses to Indiana County.

The CEO is also exploring TV ads to foster Indiana County and a many opportunities accessible here.


Wiley sparked confidence associated to business growth as there are several developers increasingly meddlesome in a new 200-acre Windy Ridge Business and Technology Park on Route 286 in White Township. The state-of-the-art site is prepared for development.

“There are a lot of good things happening,” Wiley said.

Meanwhile, other activities are relocating brazen to assistance Indiana County’s economy. The Visiting Angels, Casey Ball Home Care LLC and Casey Ball Supports Coordination LLC have changed into a former Bayada (moved to downtown Blairsville) plcae during a Corporate Campus in Blairsville.


Elizabeth Hutton with KL Real Estate pronounced that notwithstanding a notice that a residential genuine estate marketplace in Indiana County is struggling due to skill taxation reassessment, a hazard of precinct schools shutting and other factors, a year-end sales numbers for 2016 were tighten to those in 2015.

“Everyone is seeking me how those things impact a market,” she said. “We finished unchanging for a year.”

While a series of days that homes have been on a marketplace has increasing slightly, she emphasized sales sojourn unchanging and have indeed increasing given 2013.

At a finish of 2016, 368 properties had been sole compared to 377 in 2015. In 2013, 325 residential properties exchanged hands, as did 369 in 2014.


Throughout a year, a cover will offer a members many opportunities to network, accommodate new customers, learn and grow and find success. Some of those arriving events embody a Happy Hours during Levity Brewing on Wednesday, a Chamber Check-in on Feb. 28, a convention on exporting products on Mar 14, a speed networking eventuality sponsored by Bayada Home Health on Mar 30 and Bill Drury Customer Service Training on Apr 4.

The cover meets again on Mar 16.

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