Carlsbad lady hopes to hang a universe in adore – The San Diego Union

February 5, 2018 - garden totes

Twenty years ago, La Costa proprietor Angela Coppola done a name for herself by formulating silk scarves printed with stained potion designs from cathedrals and dedicated sites around a world.

Now, a 75-year-old businessman is about to launch a new product line that draws on her prolonged career in selling and settlement and her lifelong devout journey.

In mid-April, she’ll entrance “All You Need is Love,” a line of apparel, accessories and bedding colorfully printed with a word “Love” in 44 ubiquitous languages.

“My idea,” she said, “is that if we travel down a travel wearing a engineer brand, it says I’m abounding and we can means to lift this brand. we suspicion that ‘Love’ would be a opposite kind of brand. You would be jacket yourself in adore and revelation others that we caring about your associate human.”