Carlos Campos, Artist Ricardo Cavolo Team with Jose Cuervo for Limited-Edition Collection

February 8, 2017 - garden totes

EXTRA LIME FOR CAMPOS: In new months, Mexico has had a severe go of it, given President Trump’s peppery critique and a intensity limit taxation on Mexican imports. But Jose Cuervo will be doing what it can to benefaction a some-more select indicate of view.

Through a new partnership with conform engineer Carlos Campos and artist Ricardo Cavolo, a tequila builder will assistance betray a Cuervo x Campos x Cavolo collection on Feb. 15 during a Kola House in Manhattan. The disdainful understanding distinguished Jose Cuervo’s 222nd anniversary and will spotlight limited-edition Jose Cuervo Especial 222 bottles. The Extortionists Ibe Soliman and Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow will be there as DJs.

Aside from imprinting an anniversary and a birthright as Mexico’s oldest blurb tequila, a association reportedly is tighten to phenomenon an initial open charity that is approaching to lift $700 million. A orator for a association declined to criticism Tuesday on a standing of a IPO.

“Cuervo was a initial family-owned association to be run by a lady in Mexico, and it represents a heart of Mexico,” a orator said. “They have been appropriation art, pattern and song projects for years.”

Cavolo works from a studio in Spain, and has crafted new designs for Cuervo Especial 222 bottles that prominence pivotal durations in Cuervo’s story — heart, lady, demon and music. The lady T-shirt references Ana Gonzalez-Rubio reign as a initial lady to conduct adult a association during a hilly years after Mexico’s revolution. The song sweatshirt is a sign of The Rolling Stones’ “Tequila Sunrise” debate in 1972, among other agave-fueled songs. Devil underscores “the devil’s water” that Americans dared to splash when Jose Cuervo tequila initial done a approach into a U.S. in 1873.

Originally from Honduras, Campos incorporated some of Cavolo’s colourful imagery for limited-edition pieces like a sweatshirt, T-shirt and receptacle bag. Next week’s 350 guest in New York will be among a initial to see his designs, that consumers can try to win by an online sweepstakes. The equipment will not be sole in stores though will be means by a brand, Campos and Cavolo said.

The beginning is partial of a “Cuervo No Chaser” array of events that was combined by a communications group Exposure. It was triggered by a same 3 difference sung by Beyoncé in her singular “Formation.” The domestic meridian being what it is, subsequent week’s Cuervo launch during New York Fashion Week is meant to call a dwindle for Mexico. “The mood now is to really most put down Mexico and not lift it adult as it should be,” a orator said.

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