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on Aug 6, 2015.

From military reports antiquated Jul 12-25
The following information was supposing to a Buckhead Reporter by a Zone 2 section of a Atlanta Police Department from a annals and is reputed to be accurate.

1100 retard of Huff Road—A masculine armed with a black pistol approached a masculine removing out of his vehicle and demanded, “Give me all your stuff.” The masculine gave a gunman his wallet and keys.

100 retard of Noble Creek Drive—A lady was inside a village mailbox area when she was approached by a masculine armed with a grey handgun. “Give me your money,” he demanded, and she threw her keys during a gunman and ran away. She knocked on several doors seeking help.

100 retard of Alden Ave—Three group with handguns approached a woman, who was watchful in her vehicle during a callbox for a condo development. One of a group forked a gun in her face and demanded her property. She complied and surrendered a Gucci book bag, a purse and Galaxy S4 cellphone with a driver’s permit case. Some of a skill was recovered during a intersection of 26 and Peachtree streets.

4200 retard of Roswell Road—A masculine with a pistol demanded income from people loading groceries into their vehicle outward a store. One of a victims surrendered $200 and a other surrendered $300. The think ran away.

2500 retard of Lenox Road—A masculine was hire in front of his section when a white sedan with a play tab entertainment by. A few mins later, 3 group came from around a section building. Two of them, one armed with a silver-and-black Uzi, hold guns to dual victims’ heads and demanded their property. The third think acted as a lookout.

700 retard of Sidney Marcus Boulevard—Three group pounded a masculine as he approached his vehicle in an section parking lot. One of a suspects had a china handgun and demanded a man’s vehicle keys and Apple iPhone 6. The suspects entered a victim’s vehicle and entertainment off. The iPhone was tracked to 336 Howell Drive, though when military canvassed a area, they did not find a car.

1200 retard of West Paces Ferry Road—A lady with a income bag in her palm got out of her vehicle during a bank. Someone ran adult from behind, pushed her and snatched a bank bag belonging to a “Street Exes Studio.” The think was final seen entering a white Chrysler van.

300 retard of Buckhead Avenue—Four people were walking down Buckhead Avenue when dual group wearing bandannas systematic them to get on a ground. One of a group had a black-and-silver gun. The suspects took a women’s purses, ran down Buckhead Avenue and fled in a vehicle.

2000 retard of Peachtree Road—A lady was sitting inside her vehicle articulate to a masculine suspect, when he called a womanlike think over. Once inside a vehicle, a womanlike think presented a china pistol and demanded money. The think went by a woman’s purse, holding an EBT card. The victimized lady was in an persisting attribute with a suspect’s boyfriend.

3500 retard of Peachtree Road—As a masculine approached his vehicle outward a tavern, another man, who had a china handgun, pushed him opposite his vehicle and demanded his Rolex watch. After a brief struggle, a gunman ripped a watch off a man’s wrist and ran to a black, newer indication vehicle, presumably a 2013 or 2014 Cadillac.

3300 retard of Peachtree Road—A masculine sat in his vehicle articulate on a phone, when a masculine wearing a red bandana around his face, armed with a .22-caliber pistol, non-stop a newcomer door, perfectionist “Give me a [expletive deleted] keys, your cellphone and get out!” The plant complied and was means to dwindle down a passerby. The masculine fled a stage in a victim’s black 2014 Chevy Suburban.

3600 retard of Roswell Road—A strong-arm spoliation was reported when an Uber motorist picked adult a masculine and dual women from a bar. When they got to a intersection of Powers Ferry and Roswell roads, a masculine cancelled a float and told a motorist that they were not going to compensate him. The suspects assaulted a driver, holding his iPhone.

3500 retard of Peachtree Road—Loss Prevention witnessed dual group squeeze a handful of trade cards and try to travel out of a bonus dialect store though paying. When confronted, one of a group started a earthy rumpus with a employee. The think forsaken a cards before journey a stage with a second suspect.

100 retard of Terrace Drive—A masculine armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a dim bandana over his nose and mouth approached dual people who were outward an section smoking cigarettes. The gunman demanded income and one of a group gave him $7.

1000 retard of Summit North Drive—A carjacking was reported during a condo. A masculine removing out of his car, entertainment bags from a behind seat, was approached by a masculine with a revolver. The gunman forked a gun during a victim’s conduct and asked, “Where’s a money?” Then he demanded, “Give me a money, where’s a money, give me a keys,” while another masculine rummaged by a vehicle and attempted to start it. When he could not work a vehicle, a think with a handgun systematic a plant to strip. He eventually jumped into a tiny china sedan that pulled adult in front of a victim’s vehicle as a second masculine fled in a victim’s 2014 Kia Forte.

Aggravated Assault

700 retard of Huff Road—A masculine punched a arm and threw a splash on his crony during a written argument.

2300 retard of Woodward Way—A masculine pounded his mom with a blade after apropos raging during a conversation. He afterwards proceeded to means endless repairs to her vehicle and a inside of a home, violation and throwing things. He also rammed her vehicle into a garage and entertainment over a 3-foot flower bed in front of a house. When military arrived, he forked and threw a blade during them.

500 retard of Northside Circle—Two people in an section were arguing, when one grabbed a span of scissors and a friend’s arm. The plant perceived an erosion to her front during a scuffle. An detain was made.

3600 retard of Roswell Road—An off-duty military officer operative trade was struck with a passenger’s side counterpart on a vehicle when a lady attempted to snake around him after being told to spin right. There was manifest repairs to a newcomer side of a vehicle, counterpart and a officer’s trade vest. The motorist was arrested.

900 retard of Canterbury Road—The victims were walking home when 4 group got out of a black Toyota Camry and, though provocation, one of a group punched a masculine plant in a face and fled. As a think vehicle exited a parking lot, a womanlike plant punched a box portion. In response, one of a suspects dismissed a gunshot during a victims.

2000 retard of Peachtree Road—A masculine chased another masculine around a 10th building of an section building observant he was “going to get him.”

1900 retard of Defoor Avenue—The think pulled a handgun and forked it during a victim, while a dual were intent in a written dispute. An detain was made.

3200 retard of Cains Hill Place—A masculine in a pub approached another masculine and attempted to incite him to fight. When a plant walked away, a think hurled a potion bottle and struck him in a mouth and mouth. The plant had manifest injuries and was ecstatic to Atlanta Medical Center for stitches by puncture medical services. An detain was made.

Residential Burglary

200 retard of Pharr Road—On Jul 22, 3 apartments were shop-worn into when a behind square potion was shattered. In a first, no apparatus were taken, though a declare reported saying 3 group inside a china vehicle parked in a space indifferent for infirm drivers. A second section was shop-worn into by a behind square door, and reported stolen a Dell laptop, a Sony PlayStation and an volume of currency, while residents of a third section section reported stolen 5 wristwatches, a Toshiba TV and an Apple laptop.

100 retard of 26th Street—A closet of clothing, bank papers, Social Security information and dual pairs of boots were taken from an apartment; A second section section was burglarized and reported stolen a box of jewelry, a Michael Kors wallet, a set of personal checks, a yellow, orange and brownish-red receptacle bag, and an iPad.

900 retard of Crane Road—The back doorway of a residence was shop-worn and a 55-inch prosaic shade TV and dual Apple MacBook Air laptops were taken.

1000 retard of Garden View Drive—An Apple iMac 27-inch computer, a Nikon camera and $400 in Brazilian banking were taken.

2300 retard of Arbor Gates Drive—A china Michael Kors watch, a Lenovo Yoga Pro, a HP laptop, an Amazon Kindle Fire and several collection used to correct an atmosphere conditioner were taken from an apartment.

2100 retard of Melante Drive—A Phillips TV, a Samsung tablet, a DeWalt cordless drill, a Dell laptop, an HP laptop, an Xbox 360, and $40 in banking were taken from a house. A sham box was presumably taken.

400 retard of Armour Drive—A Vizio TV and a Vio laptop were taken from an apartment.

600 retard of Garson Drive—An apartment’s front doorway was left unbarred and a 50-inch Seiki TV and a Panasonic Blue Ray actor were taken.

2000 retard of Monroe Place—A 40-inch Samsung TV, a Toshiba laptop and a PlayStation 4 gaming hire were taken.

1700 retard of West Sussex Road—A black purse that contained a license, bank label and credit label were taken from a house.

900 retard of Wildwood Road—An HP laptop, a red purse with credit cards, keys and credit cards were taken from a house. The subsequent doorway neighbor after called to contend she recovered all apparatus solely a laptop, income and permit in her driveway.

Commercial Burglaries

2000 retard of Howell Mill Road—A Buckhead Chipotle reported dual burglaries in as many weeks. In a initial burglary, a front doorway potion was damaged, several cabinets were opened, a alarm box was shop-worn and a interior was ransacked. A night deposition bag that contained $778 in money and a Firewall CTI that collects credit label numbers were taken. The second thievery was reported a following week, after a hole was cut in a roof, an alarm was shop-worn and a hole was cut in a safe. An Envision digital recorder and $1,769 in money were taken.

2800 retard of North Fulton Drive—Four Apple Mac desktop computers were taken from a Atlanta International School after a potion doorway window was shop-worn and an interior doorway was unlocked.

2900 retard of Peachtree Road—A section section was dispatched to an heard alarm call during a bike shop. A neighbor pronounced a think entered a back doorway and left with a bike in hand. The bike was after recovered in some circuitously bushes.

1900 retard of Monroe Drive—A open storage doorway was propped open and luggage and stereo apparatus were taken.

2500 retard of Chantilly Drive—Two bikes, a HP laptop, a bed frame, dual bookshelves, seat and wardrobe apparatus were taken from a open storage unit.

1800 retard of Marietta Boulevard—A steel joint used to close a doorway and bolts were private from a open storage trickery and a sleeping bag filled with feces was recovered inside. A daisy dining room table, a brownish-red timber armoire and a chest of drawers with a crooked settlement were taken.

2700 retard of Peachtree Road—An worker detected a doorway to a business non-stop and keys fibbing on a building outward a front door. Two protected deposition safes containing approximately $10,000, a notice camera mechanism and a bureau doorway were taken.

2300 retard of Peachtree Road—A declare reported saying several suspects journey a children’s wardrobe store in a white Dodge Charger, a white BMW and a black BMW.

2100 retard of Cheshire Bridge Road—A square doorway was found open during a café and a Hercules DJ console, several brands of wine and a Dell laptop were taken.

Auto Theft
Between Jul 12 and 18, a sum of 14 vehicles were reported stolen and 4 vehicle thefts attempts were reported.
Between Jul 19 and 25, a sum of 8 vehicles were reported stolen and one try to take an vehicle was reported.

Between Jul 12 and Jul 18, a sum of 38 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 32 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.
Between Jul 19 and 25, a sum of 35 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 33 larcenies, including shoplifting, were reported.

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